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What am i doing??? I am doing nothing, I am basically Making a recipe Which according to me is the easiest dish of the world But i still don’t understand Why some people are afraid from making this recipe And that recipe is “Veg Jalfrezi” Veg Jalfrazi is the world’s most easily made “Mix Vegetable” dish And it is made so easily that if you work hard You cannot even do it… So,. today let’s make “Veg Jalfrezi” Rolling & Action…!! There are too many stories of origin of “Jalfrezi” The story which i feel is logical In “Bangla” “Jhāl” means Spicy…! There are two things in Bangla “Jhāl” and “Jhānch” “Jhānch” means “Mustard Spicy” ‘Jhāl” means “Hot and Spicy” So…! “Jalferzi” means any spicy Aaa… Type of curry… And “Bangladeshi” cooks which is known as today’s Bangladesh “Chittagong” Which was earlier known as “Bangal” There cooks used to work in British home And “Roast chicken” was a classic dish Which was cooked in every British home The leftover of roast chicken used to get “Dry” So, to use that Roast Chicken the cook used to find a way And during that days there where no refrigerators to store the roast chicken So, next day they used to take roast chicken and Use make “Jhāl” of it Roast chicken was Lightly tossed with tomatoes and vegetables And make “Jalfrezi” of it And from there the word Jalfrezi came into existence Which means “Jalfrezi” Is not made for “Indians” It’s a dish Made for “Britishers” So, when ever you want that feeling… Of Britishers, Sir or Madam You should cook a “Jalfrezi” In finally chopped onions So, in 1 medium Onion Add 1 small spoon of ginger garlic paste And 1 medium tomato Here goes tomato In Chef language this is known as “Chopped masala” So, first we have to make chop masala Little water Water is added because it helps tomato to cook nicely See tomato is melting… Ok ji… Done…! When jalfrezi went to United Kingdom It’s actual innovation It’s actual Popularisation That has been done in “United kingdom” And in United Kingdom “Baaltee” Which means “Kadhai” Which we say “Baaltee” In Pakistan it called “Kadhai” and from there Hmmm… Many people went to United kingdom And in United kingdom baaltee Cooking is very popular So aaa… In Kadhai masala or tomato masala roast chicken was added in it along with Many other ingredients Which was looking like “Stir fry” was named as “Jalfrezi” So, if this Baaltee cooking was not famous in United Kingdom So, This “Jalfrezi” type “Stir fry” dishes Would never really have come out So, this is a interesting thing That we haven’t valued our “Kadhai” And not really understood and given justice to it as compare To United Kingdom In terms of “Baaltee” So, know see This is done No need to Blanch Carrots Here goes Raw carrots Carrot goes in chop masala And cover it nicely So, that steam forms Once carrots are cooked then we will add all the vegetables And the will add all the masalas and then toss together and jalfrezi is ready So, let’s cut tomatoes for stage two Carrots has become tender Now Cabbage We add butter that doesn’t mean That in every Punjabi dish butter is added Too much butter is added But still this is not Punjabi Texture of vegetable is very important And Jalfrezi originally is not a “Vegetarian” dish Originally it is a “Non vegetarian” dish And we have make a vegetarian version of it Whatever you do the idea is jalfrezi is a type of “Mix vegetable” In which masala is less and the texture of vegetables Is maintained we don’t have to make Halwa of it We have to make “JalFrezi” And more importantly Stir fry with minimum masala Don’t break vegetables, toss it with soft hands Jalfrezi is all about texture The texture which you are seeing is Very important Little coriander powder And Paneer Ok… You see how much Hard work is there Toss the vegetables like this is so much of hard work…!! Oxford Dictionary has explained Jalfrezi They say Jalfrezi is a medium hot Indian dish Consisting of “Chicken” or “lamb” With fresh chillies, tomatoes and onions Dictionary helps to simply the things Oxford has given so much respect to this so you also it respect by cooking this dish And don’t over cook the vegetables Just be careful while cooking the vegetables Hmmm… Because you are making Veg Jalfrezi If you over cook then it will be Veg Bharta So it’s as simple as this there nothing more Important thing is It’s healthy Because if you add butter or ghee it automatically becomes healthy Otherwise also it is healthy because it don’t have much gravy It’s not much heavy and secondly, if you want you can add cooked chicken Add cooked protein Here we have added paneer And third, there are less masala’s Whenever you feel to eat something light So, You have an option of veg jalfrezi From now onward In light vegetables you have an option of veg jalfrezi Subscribe now, You will do it, but get it done by the people Share this recipe on WhatsApp

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  1. I used to make mix veg like this…never overcooked them…once I put cooked rice also…well again …Simplicity is the best city😊😊👍👍

  2. Aap Khana nahi banate,aap aur Sanjeev Kapoor, bewakuf banate hai public ko ,,aap ka Khana kutta bhi nahi khayega try kijiye

  3. "1 ankh hamesha sabzi ki taraf" chef ranveer I always follow your advices love from Pakistan and my father always watch your show but unfortunately he isn't watching your episodes.

  4. Hi Ranveer Sir…I'm ur big fan n today I have made veg jhalfrezi n my son just loved it…thanks to u n ur recipe…

  5. Watching MasterChef bcz of you Lucknowi chef Mr ranveer brar sir 😎😎 sir plz be a professor too. Your explanation tech is just wow🤩🤩🤩

  6. Aap itna bhi aasan aasan mat bolo. Guests ayenge, banayenge, to wo log kahenge, ye kya dish banaya hai, mehnat hi nahi kiya koi 😌😌

  7. Ranveer I have noticed that you are influenced by Bengal a lot. How are you connected please let me know. I'm Bengali too 😍

  8. Ranveer Maine subscribe bhi kiya, apne doston se karvaya bhi aur watsapp pe share bhi kiya. Phir mat kehna ki maine bataya nahi. 🤗

  9. Best chef ever seen, he not only explains cooking method but also give food history. That's why he is my favorite chef,love u ranveer sir😍😍🙂

  10. All the people love the way you cook, bt i also love the way u tell the history of every dish. N believe me i had never cooked in my life before marriage, n now im able to cook even non veg so nicely just because of watching ur videos u make cooking so easy… thank u so much

  11. I see you are not a fan of garam masala much… like u keep dishes simple as much as possible n yet tasty n delicious:)

  12. I never understood what was Jhalfrezi….considered it as a type of mix veg…thanks for sharing the deatails Ranveer….you and your dishes are the best.

  13. Please ranveer sir app loki ka musllam..bataye myo ki mari ghar se yummy show mai dekh nahi saki….please explain…and show….

  14. Veere sha gaya…I m a home cook and I made this today the way you told us with all seasonal veggies. I just replaced desi ghee with extra virgin olive oil from borges. Butter te thok ke paya. No extra spices and my mom loved it..

    Love you bro 😊

  15. Your usual dialog was missing… 😊 well you will be happy to know that I played your video and started this dish for dinner before which I kept the ingredients ready.
    It just took five more minutes than your video length.. Tadaaa…. It's done and I write this comment soon after, thank you, you make it easy for my meal planning. ☺☺☺

  16. Hi Ranveer,

    I watch all of your video,big fan of yours.

    I am bachelor ,so my cooking style is very similar to you.

    I am doing job in Coimbatore,pls try some varierty rice which is very famous in south india with your own style

  17. Chef from where do u buy such awesome cooking vessels made of Clay and Copper .I follow ur show on Epic Channel as well ..Please tell us from where to buy in Mumbai these clay and Copper cooking vessels which you use in show

  18. Why aren’t you using our original, Lohe ki kadai and other cooking untensils like bhigona etc ???? We need to get them IN! People are getting anemic cooking in these videshi and cheap, paint qouted bartans. I have started using my small lohe ki kadai and Tava, I never ditched with new age stuff…Hardcore pure iron only!!! it makes difference!!

  19. Over cook na kare….Ek aankh jo hai na wo hamesh sabji ki taraf honi chahiye….Nai to veg jalfrezi banane jaa rahe hai …ban jayega veg bhartha….Aur yahan se rerecord kare aur bol de …Aur aap kahenge Ranveer aap ne bataya nahi…….

  20. Chef, mujhe tajub is bat ki hoti h ki ap every video me every food ke bare me description kaha se late h. Very deep knowledge….

  21. Ranveer, how long should the vegetables be cooked and do they need to be aldante cooked or completely cooked

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