Veg Keema Masala | वेज कीमा | Chef Ranveer Brar

Sometimes i love to have fun in kitchen Hmmm… I enjoy in kitchen when You fool people with the help of food Chef’s in earlier days use to Give eggs to there kings and Say them this is “Veg” On second thoughts They give gulab jamun as vegetable So, I thought let’s have fun today Today, I am gonna make “Veg Keema” With no “Onion” and “Garlic” “Jain veg keema” It will look alike “Keema” But it will be purely will no onion and garlic Vegetarian Rolling & Action…!! So, let’s talk about “Mock meats” Which means “Veg” look alike “Non veg” “Non veg” look alike “Veg” and it’s culture And “Keema” is it veg? It look like keema but it is veg right… This is been carried out for a long time and the “Kayastha” community has been Able to master it… Whether they have to cook “Jackfruit” like “Mutton”(Ghost) or make “Shami” from Jackfruit On second thought, to make “Fish” out from raw “Banana” Flatten banana and give it a shape of fish and fry and put in curry Or to make “Veg Omelette” This all has been bone by “Kayastha” community from very long time There are two happening moments Which is of “Lucknow” in which Lot’s of people have been fool between veg and nov veg recipe Shall i tell After this, now for that Soaked “Soya Granules” in Water with less salt And just squeeze out the water So, we have Roast(Bhuna) soya Granules Separately, And properly Hmmm, so here we go Mix well And add this inside “Keema”,Now that “Soya” is a type of “Cereal”( Dal) And cereal is dry And to cut out the dryness Only and only “Milk” and “Milk Products” So, first Moments is “Shab daig ” When people from “Kashmir” for trading came to “Lucknow” In Kashmir they used to prepare “Shab Daig” “Shab” means “Night” and “Daig” means “deep, wide-mouthed cooking vessel”(Handi) Handi cooked in night So, in that they Used to cook “Turnip”(Shalgam) So, people from Lucknow they shaped turnip into “Roundels” And also made “Kofta” of same size And then compared And you will be finding both of them same in size and shape And then together they were cooked perfectly in night And then it was given to “Nawab” sahab This “Kofta curry” and then asked the difference between “Kofta” and “Turnip” But “Nawab” sahab was not able to tell There was lot of flavour inside turnip And so much of taste of turnip inside kofta That Nawab sahab wasn’t able to tell which one is “turnip” And which one is “Kofta” So it’s always been used, the idea of fooling people with veg and non veg Is been here forever… Normally, when people says “veg Keema” They make like “Pav bhaji” In marriages in the name of “veg Keema” they normally give all chopped vegetables And Then they say it as veg keema While seeing only everyone will come to know that it is vegetables How can this be “Keema”… Add cauliflower(Gobhee) So, the body will Come from dal one side “Soya” And one side “Masoor” And when cauliflower will cook it will help Aaa… In creaminess But like i said it has to “Roast”(Bhuno) properly It should look like it is roasted nicely Second step, With the help of curd i am putting salt and spice in it It’s main “Tempering” is left And Done Now, the idea of fooling people There is one dish which fool’s everybody Is “Mutanjan” Basically, if you see from far you will see that It is “Mutton Pulav” there will be big pieces of Mutton and rice Same like mutton biryani or pulav with yellow colour rice And when you eat that dish then it’s very “Sweet” in taste Mutton is cooked nicely in “Sugar syrup” So, it becomes sweet in taste So, it is like a non veg “Zarda” thats another art to fool people While eating food and And than “nawab sahab” Used to keep this pulav in the middle of the table First people used to take “Curry”(salan) and then They would take rice thinking it’s pulav And after eating they realise it’s “Mutanjan” Thats another way Incident number 2 that in Lucknow How this play of veg and non veg Made fool of people You know what else i use this for I sometime… Make vegetarian “Lasagna” Or vegetarian “Bolognese” sauce So, in that this recipe helps a lot This looks like Meat mince but its’s Usually lentils, soya and vegetables And like i said lot of people will tell you add “Green beans” But if you add Green beans then your Secret is no longer a secret People will come to know that this is not “Keema” Now look at this no one will be able to say that this is not keema Now, tempering of no onion and no garlic is left As usual all good things start with You guessed it…!! Water As soon as it leave it’s oil So, this mixture you can make and store it before hand So Moisture which was missing in this That came back and with the moisture all the flavours have also come Story finish… Coriander, gas off Don’t use “Canned” tomato puree in it Always use fresh tomato puree Because with the canned tomato puree it will taste sweet and like jammy consistency You know it will be This gooey and sweet mess People will eat and then look at you and then you will say “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” I had told … Fresh tomato puree All you have to do is try the recipe Try the recipe I give you Stamped guarantee that you Will not miss meat nor you will miss onion and garlic If You are on fasting Or don’t want to non veg so this is the “Perfect” recipe But if you are on fasting or if you want to eat non veg or not it doesn’t matter Don’t forget to Subscribe And press that bell icon down below, Ranveer is here always “At your Service”

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  1. Fir aap kahenge Ranveer aapne bataya nahi…. My 6 year old kid looks forward to this line in every video of yours 😁😁😁

  2. Looks like, I have been binge watching your recipes Chef!!!!🤣🤣🤣 This is such great recipe, one of a kind I would say. I am so glad that you used gobhi in it because I make gobhi keema which I called kasi hui Gobhi, I have never been so proud of myself. Would try this soon.

  3. Hi Chef Ranveer, I would really appreciate it if you will share your recipe of Chicken Keema as well on your channel.

  4. Ranveer hi 🙏 aapke baat karne ka andaaz or sath sath khana banane ka andaaz bot achha lgta h kai recipe's thodi budget se bahar hoti h plz koi easy sa recipe bataiye na jo aapki trh ho hasta hua

  5. Stamped guarantee! I got fooled by my wife today. Too bad my wife saw this recipe before me. Kisi ko itna accha bewakoof bhi bana sakte hain, Ranveer, aap ne bataya nahi… Too good!

  6. There's a guy his channel name "cooking shooking Hindi" he has more than 5million subscribers.
    Do watch his videos.
    He's really doing good.
    He never post any recipe without mastering it.

  7. You explain really well.. big fan.
    I noticed you used to use dutch oven to cook and now you use non stick.. dutch oven is healthier..

  8. I have prepared this dish at my home…. & everybody loved it… Thanks… U r just amazing magical chef.. 😇😘

  9. Very taste recipe I want to ask u something Ranveer

    If I want to use onion ,ginger , garlic can I use taste is same or not good
    Plz let me know

  10. .mai bhi lauki k kofte kamal kakdi ki stem laga kr ek bar dinner m apne relativ ko serve kiya ghar ja kr phone krke poocha ki aaplog to pure vegetarian ho to leg peace kaise bana diya .

  11. Apko knowledge bahut hai har prakat ke khane, unki history or sabse badi baat celebrity hitay hue bhi zameen se jude hue lagtay bahut hi apna pan sa lagta hai

  12. Ranveer ji ne dish ke saat, story bhi batayi. Yummy dishes .yesterday i prepared your tawa pulao sab ne ungliya chat li i am your new subscriber and i will try this today love your dishes

  13. Sir You are a Doctor Chef…. Sooooooooooooooo knowledgeable about almost every ingredient n cute n interesting stories 👏👏😇😇😎😎 love from Punjab 💝💓

  14. this cooking is lame – swimming in ghee and oil. he thinks he's cool but is blissfully ignorant of heart healthy cooking…on his way to giving people heart attacks and coronaries

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