Veg Pulao | Sabzion waly chawal

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH ,MOST GRACIOUS , THE MERCIFUL . Assalam-o-Alaikum How are you all ? I hope to Allah that you will be absolutely fine. In shaa Allah taala Today I’m going to make Veg Pulao Very easy to make and very tasty to eat In shaa Allah taala For making this which thing I need first of all Rice 1kg I ‘ve cleaned rice and have poured them in water For 10 minutes I’ll use oil : 1 & half cup You can use as per taste Star anise 2 pieces Cloves 5-6 Coriander powder 1tbsp Red chilli powder 1tbsp Salt 1 tbsp You can use salt as per taste Bay leaves 4-5 Potatoes 1pao .carrots 1 pao Peas 1pao I washed and cut these vegetables Onions medium size : 2 Green chillies 6-7 Green chilli & garlic paste :1 tbsp Tamarind water Half cup and you can use a little bit more The method of making tamarind water is that Take a little hot water as you wantto make tamarind water Then in little hot water Pour the tamarind in water And after rubbing it , take out Tamarind from water So In this way , you can prepare tamarind water Yoghurt half cup You can replace it by using tomatoes 2-3

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