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  1. When I think about Paula Dean – I think about her being racist.. and her legacy being damaged by it. That's just me lol

  2. In order for me to make this recipe i would have to make everything from scratch. 😡
    Can you make a recipe that people living in other countries could prepare too? Thanks

  3. My husband begs me to make this (OG Recipe) I hate doing it because it so greasy and such a pain to make! I can’t believe you chose it, so cool:-) Thanks!! I must try it now that I’ve changed my eating- just to compare!

  4. I have found that balsamic vinegar with a dash of allspice is a good substitute for Worcestershire sauce.

  5. When I think of Paula Deen?🤔

    I think of a racist caricature of a Southern woman furthering the narrative that all southern food is loaded with butter, cheese, cream, and sugar.

  6. You can also create a loaf shape and cook it on a sheet tray. Way easier to cut and serve that way.

    Please copy Ina Garten-The Barefoot Contessa. She is my favorite non vegan chef. Thank you.

  7. Hey Candice! I love that you tackled a vegan meatloaf, I am definitely trying it. The reason why meatloaf are really ugly is because they are a food that emerged during the Great Depression when families were trying to find the cheapest ways to feed everyone. So plate presentation was not a priority lol 🙂

  8. Hah, when I see Paula Dean, I think of her being a racist.

    This dish looks sooo heavy to eat but it probably is super tasty. Great work!

  9. The recipe seems kind of complicated… idk, maybe it's just me. But it still looks delicious. I think I might try it 🙂👍🏼

  10. You’ve never had meatloaf? We used to make it with little chunks of pineapple, it was delicious! There are so many variations! Thank you for making this! The Barefoot Contessa is a wonderful chef! I would love you to Veganize one of her recipes that has wine or cognac!

  11. Very disappointed that you used the F word, there are kids that listen to you… maybe you should put a R-rated warning on your cooking channel.

  12. Hi if you�re reading this. Please remember you�re beautiful , I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  13. I LOVE PAULA !!!! I also love butter 😋😋😋 I would never eat this vegan or not, but I love food videos so yay!

  14. I’m new to this channel. Is this gal not from America? She sounds like she is. Canadian, maybe? She’s acting like meatloaf is from another planet altogether.

  15. I literally just made a lentil loaf, so that's the only reason I have a tip for you. Next time just line the pan with parchment paper and then you can just pull it out of the pan with the paper. Works like a charm.

  16. Excellent recipe. I would like to try it but I will be eating it all myself since I am single and the recipe would last me at least 2-3 meals.

  17. shame no deep fried butter. 🙁 i would have loved to see that. maybe some sort of vegan butter option? or solid coconut oil? deep fried? hm.

  18. to remove the loaf from the loaf pan, line the pan with parchment paper that goes over the rim of the pan from both sides, add the mixture, cook and when it's ready and slightly cooled pull it out of the pan by pulling the parchment paper from both sides. at least that's what I do to make sure I won't end up with a crumbly mess 🙂

  19. Hey Edgy Veg… love your channel, but putting a racist (recipes, picture on thumbnail, hell even mentioning her name)on your platform is a very disturbing, wrong kind of “edgy” 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  20. I think Beyond Meat just released their ground beef product and it is actually pretty affordable per pound. Just saw them post about it on their IG. Their burgers and sausages so far have been amazing as a splurge food from our normal whole food plant based diets.

  21. I want you to veganize Giada's Sartu di Riso. I was thinking of veganizing it for a fancy dinner party and I'd like you to try it first before I attempt it.

  22. Literally my FAVORITE Paula Deen recipe!!!!!!! Sometimes I use crushed Doritos instead of breadcrumbs. It’s awesome

  23. So this woman is a chef? This could be something I would have made in my freshman year at college when I had no clue how to cook. Just put some random stuff I can find in my fridge in a loaf pan, spread ketchup on top and it'll be great.

  24. You say "it's a pile of meat" as if that isn't what every other meat loaf is. At least this one won't give you diabetes!

  25. For meatless loafs I line the pan with parchment and leave an edge for grabbing onto. Once out of the oven I let it cool for a few minutes then lift the whole loaf onto a plate for slicing. This looks delicious and I may give it a try. 😘

  26. Barefoot Contessa – ANYTHING! It's my guilty pleasure. For some reason I just love watching her show, even though I am vegan and have never even tried to veganize any of her recipes myself. Butter, butter and more butter. I think it's perhaps her total joy and love for cooking and eating that wins me over. Looove this series x

  27. I think I would enjoy this video more if you were less condescending while mixing ingredients. It’s not a horrible thing to make a more simple homey recipe. Not everything has to be sophisticated.

  28. Candace, I have been seeing posts this week on Beyond Meat launching a "Beyond Beef" product. Looks like raw ground beef. Will they have this in Canadian grocery stores? Can you try a product review on it? I'm thinking that would be the meatloaf replacement.

  29. Very nice demo! I like what you're doing, though I was never interested in veganising what celebrity non-vegan chefs make because vegans have their own celebrity chefs with awesome recipes. Anyway, I think you do an amazing job! Fellow yanks can use Bac-Os or McCormick Bac'n Pieces (all vegan!) to sub out in a pinch.

  30. Good for you for trying this but DAMN, that looks and sounds nasty!! I don't think I would like it. 🙁 I always hated meat anyway.

  31. I like to make meatloaf with lentils and veggies. And make it a bit thinner in the pan to keep it crispy and not too soft in the middle. Great meal to freeze. 👍

  32. It is really disappointing to see such a progressive vegan channel unproblematically supporting racism (through silence). By not coming out against Paula Deen's racism, I assume to avoid isolating some one your audience, you have still isolated a large portion of your audience. I would rather see you isolate the racists! Love your videos, just not this one

  33. While I agree that "Americans eat some weird-ass food, man," as an American, I have to defend us and say this is not typical American fare. This is weird even by Anerican standards. (Paula does come from the land of chitlins, though, so there's that).

  34. When I was in college, one of my friends was a vegetarian. She used to buy almond pate that was a substitute for meat pate. It was delicious. I would love to see you tackle vegan pate etc..

    As for a chef to veganize… Guy Fiereri, Rachel Ray, Micheal Smith, Ricardo, Stefano Faita, or Emeril Lagasse. (sorry if I've spelled any of their names wrong)

    Also there was a cooking show on with a Canadian chef cooking French Food… Laura Calder

  35. How bout Rachel Ray, this American chef and money mogul that everyone here loves! Occasionally she’ll make a vegetarian dish and put 1 pound of salt and cheese in it. I’m like aww man..but this is how my country eats 🙄

  36. This looks pretty good. It did look a little dry though. Maybe more water in the egg replacer, or just add some alternative to dairy. Or a dab of oil. Or something. Plus a meatloaf pro tip for getting it out of the pan, don’t cook it in a loaf pan. LOL! Or cut at least 2 or 3 slices and lift them out at the same time.

  37. Make a veganized Canadian "meat pie"! I've done it and it's delicious. I think it would be a little weird for folks who didn't grow up eating it, because WHY MEAT PIE? covered in ketchup of course.

  38. i made this with lentils and walnuts instead of the vegan ground and it was so good it is now our favorite dish!

  39. i use parchment so it's easy to get out. also, OMFG i made BBQ meatloaf from the new beyond ground WOOOOOOOAAAHHH!!!!!!! #NextLevel

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