Vegetarian fast food taste test *reactions*

hey there I’m Claudia and um welcome to
my youtube channel so if you watched my what I eat in a day which I’ll link up above
in the cards if you want to check that out you know shameless self promo
anyhow you would know that I really don’t eat a lot of meat so with that in
mind I wanted to head out to some fast food places and try their vegetarian
options so I don’t want to go with like the snack stuff cuz I know most places
have fries and that veggie- vega that’s vegetarian but I wanted like some
meal stuff so I went to chick-fil-a got a fruit cup and a bagel so I’m gonna
start off with the fruit it looks pretty nice like a lot of options in here Let me open it up don’t know if you can see that there’s
like some strawberries and mandarins and blueberries I’m gonna start with a
strawberry they didn’t give me a fork I’m sorry I’m not gross that strawberry
really good you refreshed I absolutely love these little mandarin oranges okay
you really can’t go wrong with fruit I know that blueberry was okay it’s Apple
next up is the bagel and cream cheese this bagel is labeled a sunflower seed
bagel I think so that sounds pretty neat it’s a special bagel
I don’t know it looks pretty healthy like it smells good Oh Philadelphia
Cream Cheese it’s a real deal but um here we go let’s hear a nice crunch I mean
it’s a bagel it’s good I like it cream cheese is good
I do see some sunflower seeds in here which is pretty cool I like that makes
me feel healthier I would give the fruit cup a solid like four and a half it was
really good I like the fruit um just the blueberries I don’t really like those as
much but it was super good I would give the bagel a crisp 3.5 they’re getting an
extra point 5 because of the sunflower seeds in it aside from that it was a
bagel it wasn’t too like crispy and crunchy which I generally like my
pickles guess I could have specified like hey burn it um yeah I was still really
good I’d recommend chick-fil-a breakfast I don’t know about like actual
vegetarian meals though because everything has chicken that’s kind of their thing
alrighty so I’m in line at Burger King and they’re supposed to have this a
veggie burger that’s actually really good also sorry if my seat belt’s not
that cute it’s kind of you know blocking the champion logo but um safety first my
guys um yeah can I just get a veggie burger
please what the heck like five dollars for
burger I don’t think a regular burger cost that much am I just being picky I
don’t knowwww it’s fine do for the vid you know so
package acquired got the veggie burger cost more than regular burger but it’s
fine it’s fine being a vegetarian okay honestly that looks pretty good
like appetizing yeah let’s get this thing going so yeah the camera wasn’t in focus when
I first opened this up so it’s a little tough I would say there’s a lot of like
pickle flavor in there other than that it’s like a regular burger but just
without the meat and with like I think it’s a morning star patty is what these
are called what’s in there I was looking it up like you know did research
for the vid so to wrap up this Burger King experience I would say that that
veggie burger gets like a crisp three and a half out of five
it was it was good don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t anything special you know
not worth five dollars I’m still a little salty about that also Burger King had a no filming or
photography sign at the drive-thru but I’m a rebel cheerleader just walked in front of me hi can I get a cheeseburger without the like meat patty and um one hash brown we she literally didn’t say a single thing to me while I was ordering that was so weird
whatever thank you you too I almost forgot that I could unbuckle in these occasions
make myself comfortable you know you know so I got the McDonald’s so
McDonald’s doesn’t really have anything like set just like for vegetarians like
how Burger King has a veggie burger but um I kind of just came up with something
and I hope it doesn’t suck this is like hey that is that’s weird that doesn’t
seem sanitary we have our sad meatless burger look too great put this into that
wish that you I have ingenuity because this this is good I’m so shocked I’d
give this little creation of mine a four out of five it’s kind of salty and it’s
not in the menu like you have to order two separate things and then put it
together that’s a little disappointing it’s just looking at some footage and oh
my gosh I’m sorry I’m always wrestling with the packages when I’m talking I
mean I don’t know if you really wanna hear me talk that bad I probably but uh
yeah that’s um rude of me I apologize now I have the pleasure of
saying that we are heading to the absolute swingin a fast-food if you knew
me you would know that I freaking love to talk about so much and they just have
all the options cheap efficient sometimes throwing some extra stuff cuz
they mess up your order not on purpose but you know it’s cool it’s cool
they have a lot of vegetarian stuff they even have vegan stuff it’s all on the
menu you don’t have to order anything extra
they have like ways that you can say like if you get something fresca
just heard of this it means vegan I’m Baldwin go Taco Bell so progressive so
yeah we’re gonna go on over there and I get to just go to the motherland the
place that I love the most my home away from home laughs you talked about can I get a
Crunchwrap without the beef but with beans instead thank you thank you – I
just realized it wasn’t recording as I like shut off at the actual Crunchwrap
right this is what it looks like with um like four bytes taken out of it sorry
but there’s like nice beans that go with the cheese and basically like it’s great
that there are beans in there and that you can like substitute that in because
you suck at the protein that you would’ve got with the me but like
without me which is awesome there’s um lettuce and tomatoes and sour cream and
cheese anyhow it has that like beautiful like browned golden miss to it nice
angle and yeah it gives off that nice crunch when you bite into it just it
really doesn’t get better than this so I think it’s obvious that this gets a
perfect score of complete 5 out of 5 because it
it’s really good I would say that like the lowest tier for vegetarian options
would probably be like chick-fil-a it was still really good as like a
breakfast thing but I don’t think you could really get like a main meal from
there after that there’s McDonald’s because that was not on the menu and it
was literally just like a burger without meat and there’s something else in there
Burger King is the second to the best that patty was good it was flavorful and
then obviously talked about is just at the top number one stays winning thank
you summit thank you so much for watching this video and taking this
journey of vegetarian fast food discovery with me comment down below
which one you think was personally the best it’s talked about by the way that’s
our answer you like this video please be sure to
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nice day

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