Vegetarian food available in Japan? जापान में शाकाहारी खाना मिलता है ?

Hello! Welcome to my channel. My name is Mayo. Today, I will tell you which kind of vegetarian food is available in Japan. You want to know about it, don’t you? Vegetarian restaurants are less in Japan. But still, they exist. Also, we have traditional Japanese vegetarian food as well. So, I will tell you these kinds of things today! Let’s get started! First, I will tell you how many Japanese people are vegetarian. The percentage of vegetarians in Japanese people. Some people answered that “I am vegan and vegetarian” so the total number (5.7) is after eliminating the duplicates. This is the result of one survey. The people conducted a survey on 2~3k people in Japan. I am not sure if this percentage is the same as reality. I think the percentage is higher than reality. People who would cooperate with this kind of survey might be very interested in this topic. They might be conscious about food and health. Vegetarian people might be happy to answer these questions. So, I think this percentage is higher than in reality. However, you might think this percentage is really low. Most Japanese people are not vegetarians. So there are less vegetarian restaurants(compared to India.) This is the association called Japan Vegetarian Society (JPVS). They make the list of vegetarian restaurants on the website. It says there are 102 vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo. It has all the info such as name, address, phone numbers. However, I think the list is not exhaustive. Because there are only 7 Indian restaurants on the list. There are so many Indian restaurants in Tokyo and most Indian restaurants serve vegetarian food. So, the list is not Exhaustive but At least, there are around 100 vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo. I have been to vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo many times and had vegetarian food. I will show you some of the video clips I made in those restaurants. The first one, vegan restaurant called “mominoki” in Harajuku. It was close to my office so I have been there many times. This is tofu. It looks like Panir(Indian cheese). This is not so soft… A bit hard.. Look at it! It looks exactly like Panir. Very good They use soya source and ginger for seasoning. It’s really tasty! 2nd one is also a vegan restaurant. I went there with my friend. Hello Here is the vegan restaurant. All the food here is vegetarian. It was a bit too spicy for me but it was really good! I also had dessert. This is a vegan cream lemon cake. This was also pretty tasty! The 3rd one is the restaurant called “brown rice” It’s in Aoyama area, Tokyo. I didn’t make a video there so I will show you the pics. Like that, there are the vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Japan. Many of those restaurants are located in Aoyama, Harajuku area. Many Japanese eat vegetarian and vegan food because they want to be healthy and beautiful. Not because of religions. Many of those who visit vegan/ vegetarian restaurants are girls. They eat vegetarian/vegan food to be beautiful.(mainly to lose weight) That’s why many vegetarian/vegan restaurants are located in places that girls go. Harajuku and Aoyama area has a lot of shops of cute clothes and cosmetics. Those kinds of areas have a lot of vegetarian / vegan restaurants. That is why those restaurants are relatively expensive than normal restaurants. I think it’s 1.5 times more expensive than the average. If you want to eat cheap vegetarian food, Indian restaurants will be the best option. Or cook yourself. There are so many Indian restaurants in Japan. In 2017, there are 2,000 Indian restaurants in Japan. So many Indian restaurants in Japan. If you wanna have cheap vegetarian food, you can go to one of those Indian restaurants. OK? Now, I want to tell you about traditional Japanese vegetarian food. Yes, we have traditional Japanese vegetarian food. We call it “Syojin Ryori”. Syojin Ryori is for Buddhism practitioners. Syojin Ryori avoids several ingredients. One this is meat. ANy non-veg ingredients are prohibited in Syojin Ryori. Another thing Syojin Ryori avoids is specific vegetables Such as garlic and onion. There are several more vegetables that are prohibited (those vegetables are different in Buddhism sects. ) Usually, only monks who are in training eat Syojin Ryori. You might be thinking “Are normal Japanese only eat meat?” No veg food? It’s not like that… Please take a look at this. This is traditional Japanese food, Miso soup. We call it Miso-Shiru This is non veg miso soup. This is veg miso soup Can you tell the difference? You will know the difference after you taste them… You can’t tell the difference from how they look. Most of Japanese food is like this. It looks like veg food but it actually a non veg food. So I want to show you with an example. I will cook Miso soup today and show you in which process Japanese people put non veg ingredients. I want to tell you the concept of Dashi before cooking Miso soup. Dashi is the base of most of Japanese food. Dashi is made of these ingredients. This is Katsuo pack. This is dried‐bonito shavings. You can make Dashi out of this. And this is sea cabbage which is called Konbu in Japanese. Like this. This is dried sea cabbage. You can also make Dashi from this. Obviously, this is non veg because it’s fish. This is veg. For miso soup, you can use only this or you can use only this or you can use both. Today, I will use both of them. This is green onion. I will use only this much. i will put konbu in the pot. And water as well. It will be better if I soak it in water for ten hours. So that the taste, which Japanese people call “Umami” will melt in the water well. However, I don’t have that much time today so I will just soak it for 3 hours. We call this tofu in Japanese. This is dried seaweed. I will soak it in water. I will leave it for 10 mins. I will pull out the Konbu from water. This water that has got Konbu’s Umami is called “dashi” The water is boiled. I will turn off the stove. The water is boiled. I am putting seaweed in the water. We always put Miso in Miso soup. I will use this Miso today! After this, I will put tofu. I put too much tofu… Miso soup is done!! Usually, we eat rice and fish(or any kind of the main dish) with Miso soup. We don’t only drink Miso soup as a meal. But today, I will just drink only miso soup. OK It’s not like “wow this is super delicious!” Miso soup tastes ok. Not amazing. But it’s ok. This is tofu which is made of soy beans. I don’t usually make miso soup. I don’t love it. But when we eat Japanese food, miso soup always comes as a part of the meal. so I drink it but I don’t love it. I don’t make it at home which is not normal for Japanese. Japanese people usually make it 2~3 times a week at home. I make it once in a month. because I am not a big fan of Miso soup. Gochiso sama deshita! I hope you got the idea of what the japanese food is like. and what the veg food is like in Japan. What you have to be careful about when you eat food in Japan. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. That’s all for today. If you like this video, please like the video and subscribe to my channel! Thank you for watching my video! See you again!

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  2. That's look really………weird😳😅, i start believing my Mother and Wife are best in world for cooking the food for me….😇

  3. Hy miss mayo my self Abhishek to shuru kre 😍I am pure vegetarian 😋 and I love Indian food but in this video I can't find daily indian food like roti sabji
    😐 Soups to hm bimar hone per pure he we are indian and we like tasty and spicy food

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  5. शाकाहारी भोजन से रोगों से बचाव होता है और क्यों की प्रकृति शुद्ध पौधे को जन्म देती है मांसाहारी खाने से उनके रोग हमारे शरीर में आ जाते हैं जैसे चाइना में जैसे वायरस फैला हुआ है यह भी जानवरों से आया है इसलिए हमें शाकाहारी भोजन खाना चाहिए

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  7. Ap jab India aenge toh jaganath temple ayega jarur.
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    Top Best veggiterian food are avaleble .
    Welcome to puri dham

  8. Shojin ryori bilkul Hindu prasadam jaise hai. Matlab, maans ya non veg ke alaava piyaaz aur lehsun istamaal hote hote hai.

  9. इंडिया में भी शुद्ध शाकाहारी लोग लेहसन प्याज का इस्तेमाल नहीं

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  11. I was in Japan for one week. As a vegetarian it is slightly tough to find places for breakfast. Only biscuits and bread with resins from vending machines or super markets.

    For lunch and dinner found some places. Dinner is 2x times pricier than lunch for same dish.

    Snack keliye tho jahannum dhik gayi ek hafta keliye!

  12. Am dealing with depression and i can't even take medication because of my 7 month baby! Am healing somewhat by seeing your videos thank you mayo

  13. Absolutely love it.. There's a big population of vaishnavas (many in Manipur but more globally through ISKCON) who don't have onion garlic in their vegetarian food.. I'm amongst one of them..

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  15. MAYO, Hello, I'm an Indian. My name is JAY.(It means VICTORY) May I Help you, for Hindi Conversation. In the video, you said in 2017, there were 2000 Indian restaurants. In Hindi, whenever you are talking about the past, always you have to use Hindi words thhey, or thhaa & for the present sentences always you've to use Haiy. Jab maiy paanch sail ki thhii, mere paas 5 pencils thhaa. & abhi mere pass 100 pencils haiy.

  16. My guess is Japanese food is not like full of pork or beef. If fish is considered 'vegetarian' probably more than 50% Japanese will be under category "vegetarian". Only Mayo would know this guess is correct or wrong.

  17. Namaste Mayo San,
    I just wanted to thank you for making your videos. I think they are so educational and you are so funny! I am trying to learn Hindi and you really inspire me.
    Lots of love from New Zealand!.💕

  18. Thank you for the kind information..
    I'm also a pure vegetarian.
    If I visit Japan then, definitely I'll go to vegetarian restaurant.

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  20. I am an Indian, and a buddhist! Well you can get vegetarian street food in indian streets for like 26 yen or 20 rupees to pit it simply.

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