Vet Guide | Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

One question I get a lot of is why do dog eats grass? One of the reasons why animals do this is if they feel that their stomach or intestine is upset, what they like to do is eat something that is indigestible. They feel like they have to push something through and that’s usually why they eat grass. If your dog is eating grass often, you might want to look for a couple things. They may have something going on in their digestive tract that is irritating them such as parasites. So you could take a stool sample and drop it off at your veterinarian and make sure that that’s not going on. You may also want to look at the food that you’re feeding them. There might be an ingredient that’s irritating your dog’s stomach or intestine. You might want to try switching foods but you’d want to do that very slowly and see if the grass eating stops after that. So although grass-eating is not exactly bad for your pet, it just may indicate that something else is going on. That’s what we try to help you with here at

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