Vitamins & Diets : What Is a Healthy Diet for Teenagers?

Hi, I’m Rachael Richardson, with Nutrolution,
in South Beach, Florida. In this clip, we’re talking about what is a healthy diet for teenagers.
Of all the groups that we have these days in the twenty first century here teenagers
are probably eating one of the least healthy diets that in our, in our group of people,
and one of the things that they’re doing is eating processed foods and pretty much that’s
it, and very little fruits and vegetables. So, some of the best thing that they can do
are to imp, improve and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables and salads in their
diet, and lean meats. Some processed foods that are brought along with me that are reasonably
healthy that can be added as convenience foods are these chicken tenders, and these are actually
gluten-free, and they’re free of all the different chemicals and hydrogenated fats that come
in store bought or restaurant chicken nuggets. There’s also some different healthy soups
that they can get like, you know, Amy’s is a brand that makes some very healthy soups.
Also, looking at things like tuna or wild salmon canned, and turning them into a sandwich
is a good idea for a teenager. This is Rachael, with Nutrolution, in Miami Beach, Florida.

9 Replies to “Vitamins & Diets : What Is a Healthy Diet for Teenagers?”

  1. I'm not sure. It probably matters on what brand. Read the ingredients label. If you see something in there that doesn't work with your diet plan, don't eat it.

  2. well if fruits and vegitables wernt so expensive!!!!!!!!! its sad when we live in a world where healthy foods are more expensive than non-healthy foods.. dang fast food industries..

  3. @kevNchris445 there not even that expensive and you can get cheap fruit and veg from markets etc, ppl just like making excuses just so they dont have to eat healthily

  4. @chanmace Just wear lots of makeup and wait it through! lol XD dude iv struggled with that stuff and i can tell ya it isnt easy.. nothing really worked for me..try everything you can who knows ull get lucky.. but its best if you grow out of it. stages suck!

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