VitaTree Parasite Cleanse

So the VitaTree Parasite Cleanse helps to eliminate intestinal worms parasites, bad bacteria, things that cause chronic infections but you may not know are lurking in your intestines, in your bloodstream even in your brain and causing a lot of health concerns that you wouldn’t necessarily relate to having parasites in the first place one of those big culprits is Candida which is a very common infection in most humans we all have a little bit of Candida at the normal organism to have but it can get out of control especially if we more carbohydrates things like sugary foods as well as sugary drinks alcohol and you know feeding news Candida the wrong foods makes them proliferate and grow and grow that’s why the parasite cleanse is so important because you may be very fatigued so you may not have the energy that you you think that you should have parasites are notorious of robbing us of our essential nutrients things like b12 things like iron and we don’t know why we have a low iron level is because we have these intestinal parasites maybe it is you know some of the other symptoms of having parasites in terms of digestive complaints so this could be gas, bloating stomach pains, irritations you know craving all the wrong foods lack of appetite as well so you know there’s such a whole host of symptoms related to having parasites but you wouldn’t necessarily know that they were in there and these parasites i’m going to show you what some of them look like can actually be in you for years and years 10, 20, 30 years and you wouldn’t know that they were there you don’t necessarily see them you know when you’re when you’re having your bowel movements but they are wreaking havoc on your system and you know researchers are now looking at the link between some of these parasites and things like cancer and autoimmune disease lupus and it’s really important that we know that we can kill them naturally with the VitaTree Parasite Cleanse it’s very strong very effective at killing the bugs yet very gentle on you and your digestive tract. So let’s take a look at what some of these critters these bad guys these bad bugs look like these intestinal ones in parasites so the roundworm is very common this is common 1 billion people worldwide actually would have a roundworm in the intestines usually is where they’re sitting and this was picked up from food, from soil from you know even eating fruits and vegetables, we can be picking up these round worms especially people that eat you know a lot of fruits and vegetables they actually tend to have more parasites and then people that eat a lot of meat because the raw fruits and vegetables you can’t see the parasites and the eggs and you can’t wash them away as much as you know we try to wash these things away you can’t see them yet they’re there and you’re ingesting now the hookworm probably one of the most frightening bugs that you know as humans we can have the hookworm has basically these fangs that latch on to the intestinal walls and we can have a hookworm for you know 10, 20 years and not necessarily know that it’s there again this can be in contaminated water and fruits and vegetables in the soils and these can get into the lungs as well and cause chronic lung infections and these are also notorious for robbing us of our iron levels and so when we have a chronic low iron level so the doctors tested and so that your iron is low it could be from having those hookworms now flukes a lot of research has gone into flukes and cancer as well as flutes and brain disorders and diseases even personality to the disorder so you can have it in the brain and cause you to not you know be functioning as well in your mental capabilities. If we take a look at the tapeworm now the tapeworm very common in different countries all over the world the tapeworm has this suction cup head and it’s the sucker head that basically sucks onto the intestinal wall you can have tapeworms you know as long as 20 to 50 feet in length in the body and it matures every three to four months and can live you know 25 to 30 years in the intestines each segment of the tapeworm can lay up to a thousand eggs and so this shows you know how pervasive this can be in the body and the tapeworm is can be robbing you of your b12 levels and cause you to be very tired all the time and so this is one of the things that absolutely that we want to be killing with the vitatree parasite cleanse now the protozoa of the protozoa Giardia is one of the common ones and this was found in you know contaminated water it’s actually adapted over the years to actually bypass chlorinated water smell of course in some countries where water purification and treatment use chlorine to help with drinking water it actually can still get through that because it’s actually adaptive and has a protective coating on the outside of the organism itself that gets through that chlorine treatment so it is in the drinking water and this one causes diarrhea but also at other host of symptoms you know low energy and just not feeling well because of these parasites. Now they candida very common so if you crave sugar all the time crave alcohol have a distended abdomen you look like you’re you know six, seven months pregnant by the end of the day a hard abdomen very common in men especially if they drink alcohol it’s a telltale sign of Candida so women get yeast infections men have yeast infections as well this was passed from partner to partner call me Candida symptom you may have a white coating on your tongue and this is a candida symptom maybe you’re sensitive to perfumes that’s again a telltale sign of Candida chronic infection so it could be urinary tract infections yeast infections you have to kill this candida and it’s amazing one of the first things is that you stop craving all the wrong foods in the sugars and the infections will go away chronic sinus infections and ear infections is often that Candida problem as well and this is so fantastic because when those chronic infections go wait and your energy comes back your immune system starts to work as it should so in terms of using the parasite cleanse standard dosage is two capsules twice a day you’re going to go through your bottles we have an entire protocol for using a parasite cleanse because we want to get the parasites throughout their lifecycle it also helps to kill the eggs of the parasites which is important to one of the only formulas in the world that will actually kill the eggs as well as the adult live worms and you’re going to take breaks in between taking your bottles of parasite cleanse so two weeks on two weeks off and take it on going depending on your manifestation of the intestinal worms and the parasites we do recommend teaming it up with the vitae musical divided e talks and the probiotics as well because once you get rid of all of those dead worms we want to trap them with dividing useful we also want to eliminate the toxins that were built up from those parasites with the VitaDetox and we want to replenish with the good bacteria with the probiotics so that’s you know the gold standard way of doing the entire parasite cleanse is to take all of those products together

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