Want to save animal lives without going veg? Stop eating chickens.

Everyone has met a vegan who has been rude
to them or who has been outrageous or just angry or yelling at them. This milk was stolen from mothers. Mothers whose freedoms were taken from them! So it’s not surprising that someone like Anthony
Bourdain will call vegans Hezbollah— Vee-jans or ve-jans or whatever they call
themselves, they’re the Hezbollah of, uh, they share a lot similarities with dangerous
fundamentalist groups. because we just have this reputation. Rightly so, because of how many of us act,
of just being absolute fanatics. Basically no one eats meat because they want
animals to suffer. No one goes to the grocery store and says,
“Yeah, I love what Tyson does to this chicken. That’s what I’m going to support.” Chickens were punched, kicked, swung, and
thrown by their fragile wings. People eat meat because everyone around them
eats meat. It’s what they’re used to, it’s what’s familiar,
it’s what’s easy and cheap. KFC we’re making value simple. For a limited time get a 10-piece bucket for
only $12.99! What some friends and I decided is we should
take a different approach. Rather than just pushing veganism,
we should take the opportunity that people have to take one step that will have a profound
impact on the number of animals suffering. And that is to have them not eat chickens
anymore. No matter what they eat instead, if they cut
out eating chickens they will remove the vast majority of their support for factory farms. The average American diet causes about 25
land animals to be factory farmed and slaughtered every year. If people just stopped eating chickens, they
will spare 23 of those animals. This is because it takes over 200 chickens
to provide the same number of meals as one steer or over 40 chickens to provide the same
number of meals as one pig. There have been a number of studies, the most
recent by Faunalytics, that shows over 80% of people who go vegetarian go back to eating
animals, and almost half of the people surveyed on this say that they go back because they
can’t stand the pressure to maintain a pure diet. So when we’re pushing people to eat the way
we eat— I was thinking of going vegan. I’m a level 5 vegan, I won’t eat anything
that casts a shadow. Wow. we are driving people away. We are driving people back to eating meat. Around 2% of people are true vegetarians and
about a .5% of the people in the United States are vegan. Now this is after decades of advocacy. Peter Singer’s book Animal Liberation came
out in the 1970s. PETA came around in 1980. So groups and advocates have been at this
for decades and yet the percentage of people in the United States who are vegetarian has
basically not changed at all. So it really is time for us to reconsider
our message, reconsider our advocacy, and do something that has a chance of being different. That has a chance of breaking through to the
general public. Because we know, just by looking at the graphs,
just by looking at the numbers, that we have been failures at this so far.

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  1. I’m sorry but on an intelligence level, chickens are much less than cows and especially pigs. Pigs have extremely high intellect, many of them can learn on higher levels than dogs. My uncle owns a chicken farm, he has reported losing over 20 chickens a year from drowning in the rain. Why? Because they look up towed the sky and the rain blocks their nasal cavities. Chickens are practically genetically designs to be eaten in many factory farms. I don’t think Vox has a valid argument here.

  2. I cannot stress how irresponsible this video is. I could not believe it that you are a vegan?? Who needs someone like you who is putting out a crazy video with so much misinformation. Where did you get your stats from or were they just made up?
    Pushing people “to eat the way we eat” – I do not.
    Suggestion, you should read the graph because it shows the numbers in the last 15 years are decreasing! So I along with other vegans know we are progressing.
    You should now ask yourself the question, what do I stand up for? Is it the billions of animals who are slaughtered or the meat industry.

  3. However to raise chicken caise less environment impact. A chicken converts better its food in protein (muscles) its needs lees water and resorces.

  4. The point here should be:

    1 Eat less meat/fish in general.
    2 Make sure that the meat/fish you end up eating is either wild or comes from organic and ethical farms.

  5. It's true that forcing or imposing veganism, it makes it look bad. Being Vegan is not that hard ones you hey the hang of it. The only thing hard about ir is when you start, because change is hard, and becoming Vegan is a big change.

  6. no you psycho, i didn't switch eating cows to chicken bc i care more about the cows than the chicken, but more about the gas emission and environment

  7. Just stop wearing skin that doesn't belong to you and eating secretions and body parts that came from non-human animals. Their bodies are not ours to do with as we please anyway. Their bodies belong to them. Animals are not property. I know the law says they are, but they really aren't. Why make all of this so complicated? it really isn't.

  8. Vox has so much good info, then they give over to the hippie side and make one like this. Go back to warning people about Trump, and stop trying to fight nature. Humans are omnivores. Chicken has been a dietary staple since prehistory. Get over it. We can treat them better, sure, but, it's really stupid to even try and suggest chicken go off the menu. Also, don;t cite PETA; those guys are shady and criminal as hell.

  9. How about we stop thinking it’s okay to murder innocent unborn human life first how about that. Because if you are against the killing of animals for food but support abortion you are a hypocrite

  10. I say we should start eating vegans.. At Thanksgiving DEEP FRIED BEVEGORKEN'S . Chicken stuffed in a pig stuffed in a VEGAN stuffed in a cow. And through some vegetables on the table out of respect

  11. Meat k alawa bhi bhot kuch he khane ka is duniya me
    Kyu in janwaro ko inke ghr se rasoi ki kdhai tak lana padta he
    Hm sb dhram ki izzat krte he pr kisi ki atma dukhana thk nahi he marte waqt janwar k khrane ki awaj baddua dene ka km krti he chahe use khane wala kisi bhi dhrm or jati ka ho
    Log apni ek ungli kat kr paka nahi sakte or bejuban janwar ko tadpa k mar dalte he kyuonki unki awaj sirf char diwari tak seemit hoti he na hi unke liye koi karwahi hoti he or na hi unhe marne walo ko saja milti he
    Wese bhi kanon k pas insano k liye waqt nahi he to in janwaro ki kya aukat

  12. Until people see the that human health, protection of animals, and saving the environment from degradation are completely interdependent– locked together– the strength of motivations will be weak and our efforts will be divided. Changing over to whole plant foods solves all three issues.
    ✌️ ❤️ 🍠🥔🥦🥬 & 🥭

  13. We eat meat because we're omnivores. #science And don't punish meat eaters because workers are mean to animals. Punish those a holes! We are supposed to eat meat!

  14. How old is this video. Americans wake up. It’s going back to a Vegan World as it was from the beginning. Before humans were dummified. Many country’s have more then half the population eating a plant food diet. Out of almost 8 billion people about 2 billion are Vegan. It’s time Vegan have a louder voice. No non of anyone I’ve ever known went back to eating dead animals. All American lies. They were never Vegan to begin with. I’m tired of seeing ads promoting meat. Promote only what grows on earth. America is bankrupting itself with medical sick care. China is laughing and wants America. So do other country’s. Go Vegan to save your country and your health. The animals will thank you.

  15. Grow your own, let them range, and eat them (they get a great life, fertilize your plants, produce eggs they're going to produce anyway, etc., etc.)–that way you're not supporting factory farms. Far better solution than just "don't eat chicken."

  16. hey, vegetarian here. this video is bullshit. if you really want to make a difference while still eating meat, cut down your BEEF consumption, not chicken. cows cause way bigger problems for climate change than chickens. besides, chicken tastes way better anyway.

  17. Chickens are better for the environment and say we all stopped eating chickens one day what would we do with all the extra chickens because most of them are designed not to lay eggs but to become food so we can't use them for there eggs and in a lot of ways peta has done more harm then hood when it comes to animal welfare

  18. Did this guy do the math? If we aren't eating chicken we are eating something else and I guarantee for the most part it is other meat. Most of which is less healthy and worse on the environment. Not a great idea. How about we eat the chickens and work on how humane the system is?

  19. Well it’s a good thing I don’t particularly like Chicken to begin with. I do like pork and beef though so good luck trying to get me off that, lol.

  20. Veganism leads to more vegetables being grown, which leads to the destruction of animal habitat. But perhaps you should keep eating small chickens and ease up on devouring large cows. Millions of Hindus might be onto something.

  21. Human body can´t digest meat like the carnivores stomach can.

    Still believe at least half of the Earth´s population that we are carnivores by nature because we eat meat. Forgetting that drug abuse is neither natural, but once you use you can get stucked; addicted.

    Why is not considered meat consumption also as an addiction?
    How do we know we are not addicted to meat same way as we are addicted to drugs? (Just my question…)

  22. I want to chop every non vegetarians head to know how they feel. Torture them, hit them with bats to death. Merciless as*h***s

  23. From @1:38 to @2:04 Imagine this dude just wakes up to a group of chickens with guns and a camera and all they say to him is..
    ""If you want to live then do as we say..read the letter..read it !!!!""

  24. Yep he went to the hood one day..
    And saw something he never experienced in his life..
    A bunch of people eating chicken..
    He freaked out..
    He went home..
    And made this video

  25. He's actually talking to an audience behind the camera…
    An audience of chickens!!!!

  26. Yes it has failed because mistreatment of animals, packing them in small spaces, depriving them of basic access to outdoors and open spaces continues to be A LEGAL OPTION!! We should not have the option to choose between free range or caged. All chicken and egg should ONLY be free range. Normalizing the right framework of practices drives competition in line with that framework and helps keep the costs reasonable. Additionally, as we use scienctific findings to promote a diverse diet, the demand for meats will be curbed.
    Change in this case starts with a push for legislative change not just radical activism that shames people and marginalizes the cause!

  27. I don't see how a country that 150 years ago was covered with livestock (Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Turkey, wild boar, Prairie Chicken, etc.) didn't destroy our planet with methane. It isn't the animal that causes the methane problem, it is the industrial animal husbandry that is the problem. Focus on protecting small farms and grazing practices that create carbon sinks of prairie and we can have meat and protect the planet at the same time

  28. No. Larger animals cause more pollution and use more water. Whether you’re caring about the environment or animal welfare, veganism is the right answer.

  29. A good initiative this will scale down the number of poultry farms, supply is affected by demnd afterall.

  30. I think the argument should be to stop eating beef and pork. Raising chicken is far less resource intense and wasteful than raising cattle. The water and feed alone is outrageous.

  31. Why not eat meat but make our consumption lower to avoid over production? But also try to make it less cruel to the animals instead of being in a constant battle to eradicate the meat industry?
    I love animals but i still think we need meat to function properly. At the end of the day we are omnivores so we do require a bit of meat. Howerer, not as much as we are consuming…

  32. Spare the animals? Ironically there would not be any of these animals if people did not eat them. You can’t liberate animals that don’t exist .

  33. chicken is way cheaper and has way less of an effect on the environment, not to mention red meat has been linked to stuff like cancer, heart disease, etc. Just try to scale back on meat in general if you want to help

  34. This is the opposite of what I did before going vegetarian. I decided to eat chicken instead of beef or pork because they are less damaging to the environment and the are less intelligent.

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