Weed Control in Peanuts

Hi I’m Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Specialist
with the University of Georgia with responsibilities for weed control in peanuts. Today I just want to spend a few minutes talking
about some of our common weed problems in peanuts. You’ll notice standing behind me I have a
plot of peanuts that we have not picked due to the weed pressure. The weed in here is Palmer amaranth – that’s
probably our number one weed in peanut. First of all, it’s extremely competitive with
the crop so it only takes a few plants to cause yield loss if they’re not controlled. As you can see here in this particular field
we’re standing in, we did not harvest these plots because with some of the older equipment
that we have, we would not be able to – our machine would not run properly. So fortunately in peanuts, I think we have
some great programs to manage it so we are doing a better job now than we were, say,
thirteen years ago when we first really started having problems. So that’s probably our number one weed problem. We have a host of other weed problems that
could be out there: yellow and purple nutsedge, sicklepod or Coffee weed, annual grasses and
then Florida beggarweed used to be our number one weed problem. That got displaced by Palmer amaranth, but
we’re still starting to see a little bit more Florida beggarweed as well. The good thing about managing Palmer amaranth
is if we’re doing a reasonable job managing this weed, we’re probably going to be doing
a reasonable job of managing most of our other weeds, with the exception of yellow nutsedge
and purple nutsedge.

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