Wellness Training Institute – Mark’s Story (Healthful Evolutions SUCCESS!)

When I was younger, I had always been
very athletic and always in good shape and took good care of myself. And,
you know, over the years as I got older, things had started to slip. I tried
various things to try to keep things on track and get back to my old self, if you
will. And things still continue to slip. I tried different changes in the way I ate.
I tried some diets. I tried exercising… a lot of exercising. But I’d kind of been
on a steady decline in the way my health was going. I gained a lot of
weight. And my kids one day said to me, “Dad, we want you to be around
for a long time.” I found the Wellness Training Institute and Dr. Dangovian through some recommendations of physicians.I reached out to to
Nicole. This was actually the first call that I made. I set up an appointment
and came in and and met the team and, you know, I was a little unsure how it was
gonna work. I thought geez, I’ll never be able to do this… but I gotta try something with some professional help. And what I liked about
it was that the program wasn’t just changing the way you’re eating. It involves yoga.
It involves a medical aspect, where Dr. Dangovian and the team,
they analyze your blood system, your metabolism, your hormones… things of that
nature. And, you know, try to look at things from a total self
standpoint. For me, I really needed some early
successes to really feel like I could maintain it, sustain this program. I
set some goals for myself, and with those goals, you know, they were around
improving my my blood levels, my cholesterol, for example, and some immediate weight
loss. Those were the things I was really looking for. I really plunged myself into
it. I trusted the team so I tried… I got into the yoga. The team, you
know, with Nicole kind of leading the program, was fantastic in guiding me through
it. The support system with the people that were in my my group, as well, who
I met at recipe clubs, the yoga classes, things of that nature. Just the
total program really made you feel like you were part of something.
Truly a wellness program. A wellness center. I started seeing immediate success
really within the first month. I lost almost ten pounds and then, over
the next six-month period, I ended up losing 56 pounds. My blood levels for
cholesterol went right to normal without medication. So for me, it’s been a great
success. It’s been a change in my life. My outlook now, at this point, I’m not
going to stop. I’ve gone through the six month period and I’m continuing on. For me, it’s changed my life and I honestly feel like it’s saved my life, participating in this program. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Dangovian. For Nicole. For Lauren. For Erica. For everybody at
the Wellness Training Institute. I enjoy doing things with my kids now that I thought I’d never get back
to. And I actually even feel like it’s given me a lot more confidence at work,
and in my life overall. So, for me, it’s not just been a healthy change, but it’s
also been a mental outlook change, if you will. It’s not a fad diet. It’s not a
gimmick. It’s the real thing. And if I could do it? Believe me, if I can
do it, anybody can do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you know?
Make the effort. Commit six months to the program.
Draw your own conclusions But fundamentally, you have to try it
yourself. And I can almost guarantee, if you try it, if you
commit yourself to at least starting, that you’ll build the momentum to let it
change your life.

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