What Causes Grey Hair and Cure for Grey Hair

Hi I am doctor Shikha MD of NutriHealth Systems.
Many people have written to us asking that what is the cause of grey hair. And of course
what is the remedy and what are the cures possible for grey hair. So there are many
causes for grey hair. In young people having grey hair could be due to stress. Because
sudden stress breaks down your immune reaction. And due to that breakdown in that immunity
the melanin pigments are attacked by immune cells and therefore the discolouration or
greyness starts. It could also be due to lack of vital ingredients in your diet. Like for
example folic acid, biotin, vitamin C, B12… which cause grey hair. Third could be the
deficiency of protein in your diet which could cause grey hair also. And of course a lot
of grey hair is also due to lack of oil in the hair, lack of nourishment in the hair.
And lot of people who use chemical colourants or gels or reagents or harsh shampoos that
also leads to breakdown of melanin and grey hair. Now other reasons for grey hair could
also be sun exposure. So if people are exposed to sun for long period of time that leads
to grey hair and it is very important to use an umbrella or to use for example aloe vera
juice and soak it overnight or you can leave aloe vera juice in your hair and the next
morning you can wash your hair. Because aloe vera also protects the hair. Now some of the
remedies which you could do for grey hair is of course there is a diet portion and then
there is a portion where you could apply some of the oils. Now bhringraj oil is one of the
very popular Ayurvedic oils which is specifically for grey hair. And similarly Arnica. Arnica
is an Indian herb. And you can use Arnica either alone or you can use Arnica as a shampoo.
Or you can even use Arnica put in oil. Which could be like Castor oil or Olive oil or Til
oil. But if you are using til oil it has to be used only in winters and not in summers.
So some of these remedies especially Bhringraj and Arnica are traditional Indian remedies
which are available as Arnica oil or Bhringraj oil for hair. Which are also very cooling
in nature and also lead to sort of a prevention or you can say control of grey hair. So keep
watching us and write into us at [email protected]

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  1. You are 100% wrong. All gray, white, and silver hair is caused by a copper deficiency which is also a warning sigh of aneurysms. Take the 90 Essential Nutrients and your color will come back fully in a about 3 months. Visit my channel for true cures for MS, MD ADD, ADHD, Menopause, Asthma, and tons more!

  2. grey hair is caused by a copper deficiency! minerals people. one should buy the supplement by Jarrow its zinc and copper 2 capsules a day will turn hair back in 2 to 3 weeks

  3. Thank you for the information. i have more question related to graying hair. Where i can contact you via email please let me know.

  4. Please suggest best hair oil and hair shampoo to control white hairs… Pls let me know is there any problem if i shift to certain other products on regular products

  5. Mam, my hair are black but some hair of my eyebrows grow white in every month. Can u suggest me any remedy of it?

  6. Hlo mam I m 22 year old girl and I have white hairs… And whenever I apply whatever oil in my hairs .. Mera hair fall increase ho jata h…

  7. Mam apni skin ko wrinkle free kaise rakhe .meri ankhon ke paas phin lines excess ho rahi hi pls treatment batay

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