What Does Keto Mean-The Keto Diet Explained (Keto Style)

Well hello folks it’s Mike here this one
welcome you back to Keto Style and today we’re going to talk about what
keto means do you know what keto means well in this video we will discuss what
the keto diet is and what keto does to our body is it for you is it for me
that’s question but what foods what kind of keto foods can you eat that’s the big
question everyone has what foods can I eat on the keto diet so let’s discuss
that but first of all let’s just talk a minute about what keto is Quito is short
for ketogenic and ketogenic is actually a low carb diet and what a low carb diet
means is that you eat fewer carbohydrates and a higher proportion of
fat or and plus protein as well so you eat more fat and protein than you do
carbohydrates and what that does is carbohydrates turns to sugar and sugar
turns and increases our insulin so when you avoid sugar and starches your blood
sugar tends to stabilize and the levels of fat storing home hormone or insulin
drop in our body and this helps increase fat burning and it makes you feel more
satiated therefore you know naturally by reducing the carbohydrates reducing the
food intake and promoting for weight loss and so you know that’s just one of
the great benefits you know is it for you is it for me well I mean when you’re
eliminating sugars and fats and I mean sugars and starches and eating more fat
and protein to where it helps you to lose fat off of your body then I’d say
it is for you it is for me and but what what can we eat on the ketogenic diet
that’s what I get a lot of questions from people from time to time is you
know I personally I’ve lost over 40 pounds myself in less than six months
and people see that and they say well what are you doing and when I say I’m on
the ketogenic diet well then the first question that comes right back
is well water what do you eat what can you eat and you know I get the question
well I just can’t need meat all the time you know and you know there’s other
vegetables and things that you can eat it’s just eliminating bad
well I cost you the anything white like potatoes and in rice and bread and
pastas and things like that even some beans are bad green beans are good but
some of the other beans have a lot of you know higher sugar content to them so
you got to be careful with that but yeah we do eat a lot of meat you know eat a
lot of beef and pork and fish and eggs and and basically just vegetables that
grow by the grass grow above ground or okay for a ketogenic diet and but you
know it is it for you you know that’s a question that you have to ask yourself
is it for me I know it is but here’s the thing about it if you have diabetes and
you’re taking medication then you need to be sure and what your you know your
your blood sugar count if you got high blood pressure you need to watch your
your blood pressure all the time if you’re pregnant you’re are you’re
breastfeeding you know you may be someone that doesn’t need to try to
ketogenic diet right away if you have you know if you’re taking chemo or
something like that for for cancer or whatever you may need to talk to your
doctor about that before you start a ketogenic diet I just don’t really see
how that you know reducing sugar from your body is going to hurt that or
affect that a matter of fact I think it would help because I know and and
studies tell us that you know cancer feeds off of sugar so I don’t see how
that it would be that a bad of a thing for you but anyway that’s what the
ketogenic mean that’s what keto means it’s a low carb diet it’s low carb it’s
high fat it’s medium amounts of protein and it’s it’s really a good diet to be
on I mean it’s really helped me it’s taking a lot of
formation out of my body because sugar causes inflammation and so you know just
another real quick thing to to kind of give you an idea what you can’t eat on a
ketogenic diet you know you’re going to be eating natural fats like well say
full fat butter no margarine none of that no I can’t believe it’s butter or
anything like that you know Country Crock all that stuff’s got to go you got
to eat regular butter full butter just regular butter olive oil is a good thing
to eat as far as meats go you know fish is good
tuna fish hamburger I’ll heat a lot of rib I love rebuy and the fattier cuts
the better because you need those fats that helps keep you satiated in other
words that keeps you full and keeps you from being hungry I’m never hungry I
mean I eat all the time when I get hungry I eat and I hate to them food and
I don’t eat anymore cheese is something full fat cheese you
want to get all this stuff from the deli don’t get it out of the package there
where it’s all processed nothing there and go up here and get you some and have
them cut it for you I eat a lot of boiled eggs I eat a lot of fried eggs a
lot you know just different ways you want to cook eggs scrambled eggs
whatever I eat a lot of avocado it’s a high-fat fruit and of course we eat a
lot of broccoli and cauliflower and and different things like that so there’s a
lot of things that you can’t eat you just got to get creative and how you
prepare it and so that’s one thing you need to do for sure be sure and avoid
those sweet drinks like sodas and and orange juice and stuff like that has all
kind of sugar in it you know everybody always talks about bananas for potassium
but bananas are bad for you they’re so high in sugar content they turn to sugar
almost immediacy mmediately same with white potatoes and be sure and eliminate
with rice and things like it doughnuts candy you know bread the candy bars
things like that got to go you know pasta is another one that I turn to
sugar real fast so you got it you gotta get rid of that now things you want to
drink you can drink out of water you can drink a lot of
coffee which I love that because I’m a heavy coffee drinker and I do drink a
lot of coffee every day you can drink tea but you know you still want to add
sugars to it now there are some other kind of sugars we’ll talk about that
maybe in another video but there’s things you can do there’s a lot of
things that you can eat a lot of things you can drink to do this there’s a lot
of vegetables fruit is you know something you don’t get a whole lot of
because they turn the sugars are quick that’s some very some strawberries and
blueberries and blackberries things like that in moderation you can do nuts
different kinds of nuts I eat a lot of pecans I eat a lot of walnuts you know
things like that are good for you but you just got to look at the content you
gotta look at the carb content on nuts and everything because they turn to
sugar snacks you got to be careful about I mean there are certain things that you
can and can’t do and you know same way with condiments and things different
times like ketchup it’s high sugar you can’t do that no mustards a great thing
olive oil is a great thing you know you can make sauces and stuff like that
that’s awesome you can do that sweeteners you got to be careful of
sugar is in almost everything I mean honey’s high sugar even though it’s
natural it’s tart it turns to sugar and so you got to be careful with those
things but anyway I just want to make this video to let you know what keto
means Tito’s low carb and you know it’s
something that’s for you that’s something that’s for me and we just kind
of discussed what you can eat and what you can eat and we’ll be making other
videos about that in more detail too so we appreciate you guys appreciate you
taking the time to watch this video and we’ll be coming back to you again soon
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