What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

with over 7,000 chemicals released each time you light a cigarette it’s no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide but with 1.3 billion people actively smoking what actually happens when you stop smoking within the first 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal this is because the nicotine in cigarettes released epinephrine and norepinephrine which increased your heart rate and narrowed blood vessels these effects also caused smokers extremities to feel colder but by now your hands and feet have returned to their normal temperature 2 hours in and the nicotine cravings begin causing moodiness drowsiness tense feelings and even difficulty sleeping because nicotine also releases more dopamine than normal these are expected physiological responses to the decrease in its release eight hours after quitting and the inhaled carbon monoxide clears allowing oxygen levels in the bloodstream to return to normal carbon monoxide and oxygen compete to bind to hemoglobin in your blood which stretches the circulatory system so as it clears there’s more room for oxygen however for long-term smokers this carbon monoxide exposure causes red blood cells to increase in size making the blood thicker and causing higher blood pressure and increased chances of developing blood clot surprisingly 24 hours after quitting coughing will actually increase which is your body’s way of clearing out all the toxins from the lungs additionally at this point the risk of developing various coronary artery diseases decreases all within 24 hours after 48 hours when nicotine and its metabolites are completely eliminated from your body damaged nerve endings begin to regrow the tar and other chemicals and cigarettes leave fewer taste buds that are flatter with less blood vessels they now begin to regain their sensitivity making food tastes better although chronic smokers may often have irreversibly damaged taste blood at the 72-hour mark nicotine withdrawal peaks with headaches nausea and cramps as well as emotional symptoms like anxiety and depression these symptoms can be seen by most addictive substances cluding caffeine but after this period the worst is officially over after one month the risk of developing type 2 diabetes cancer and cardiovascular diseases has already decreased in three to nine months the damage Celia and the lungs are almost fully repaired which are hairlike structures that help sweep away dust and debris and as a result symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath are almost completely eliminated and around one year the risk of developing heart disease as a direct result of at the Roma formation which are deposits of fatty material or scar tissue from deteriorating arterial walls decreases by almost one-half in 10 years the chance of developing lung cancer decreases to half of someone who did not quit smoking and in 15 years time the risk of heart attack decreases to the same as someone who has never smoked their entire life of course this guideline is not definitive and the average amount you smoke per day or year will play a role in how well your body recovers unfortunately there will always be some irreversible damage to the lungs and increased susceptibility to developing various lung diseases and while quitting may be difficult the benefits greatly outweigh the initial withdrawal ultimately the best way to prevent this from happening is to not begin smoking at all need some extra motivation check out our videos to your lazy people which might give you the boost you need to kick your habit or focus on other goals you’re hoping to accomplish ask us your burning questions in the comments or on social media and subscribe for more weekly science videos every Thursday

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  2. I decided to quit smoking today. I started smoking when I was 13 im turning 17 in 3 days. The withdrawals are horrible I hope I can get past this wish me luck!

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  4. My Mum said she will quit smoking if my channel gets 10k subscribers, please help me make her smoke free, thank you! ❤️💗💓💕💞❣️💝💟💖

  5. Iv stopped smoking for a week so far and plan to hit a half marathon in 3 months so hopefully those lung hair follicles will be upto the test hhaa

  6. I'm 12 and my Mom used to smoke when i was a baby, she stopped smoking when i was 6 and i learned alot since then, i will never smoke anything or harm my health, i want to live more than 100 years.

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  9. its my 3rd day since i stoped smoking nicotine from e-cigarettes like juuls, stigs, cuvies and puff bars, and im experiencing anxiety feeling lightheaded and sad like i wanna cry for no reason, i also feel my chest tight, and having the fear of dying which gives me more anxiety yet, idk if im the only who is having these feelings but is anyone else do feel the way i feel???

  10. I swear it gets significantly easier after 2-3 weeks. Cravings are gone after 4-5 months. When you can stand around and watch your friends smoke while feeling no urge then you’ve done it. I quit not because of fear for lung cancer but because of the stuff they put in ciggs, that shit really fucks with your brain chemistry. Smoked for 8 years before I quit, over 10 failed attempts before succeeding. Every time you fail and most of you will, remind yourself that it is a process. Pick up that pack, smoke the shit out of it, feel disgusted with yourself, remind yourself how shitty smoking a cigarette feels then quit cold turkey. Repeat this till you succeed.

  11. I am going to quit smoking plz motivate me whenever i am quiting i seem like i am dead.12/09/2019
    AFTER one month i hope i will be here in coments.

  12. Stopped smoking (with a vape) 6 days ago (6.9.2019-7.9.2019 night) will come back and inform changes i notice
    Already i noticed that
    i can smell and taste stuff
    hand's don't smell as cigarettes
    i've saved around 57€ but i've spent 40€ on my mod dripper battery and my battery charger, plus 20€ on 150ml of juice and cotton bacon

  13. After this video I throw away my lighter and a full cigarette pack from window of my apartment. I will edit this comment Every month. If I fail I will add "-" sign. If not a plus sign. Wish me luck. Here is my first plus:
    + 09/16/2019
    + 10/23/2019

  14. I stopped smoking from 7am ,sep15 2019
    I started smoking when i was 13yrs i guess at initial i used to smoke rarely like twice in a month and when i was 15yrs i was daily habit with frnds smoking3-4 cigarettes and at 17 and 18yrs daily once and af holidays max5 and at 19yrs daily 3 or 4 and at20yrs 7 or 8 ,at 21,22 yrs its my wish sometimes i used to smoke more like 1packet and sometimes like 5 cigarettes depending on situations and moments and at 23 4 or 5 but from aug end i started smoking 15 to 16 cigarettes a day it continued for 26days and sep 14 night 11pm i have had a sudden and huge headache(hypertension) it continued till morning severe headpain i didnt even sleep and suddenly at 6:30am i started feel uncomfortable and sweating and heartbeat on full rise and i rushed to govt hospital and took medication from that morning i stopped smoking
    If any one have habit of smoking plz stop it bcz it is so dangerous all of sudden heart stroke may happen

  15. first i stopped the pills then the amphetamine then the cigarettes now i try to stop the coffee and the marijuana alcohol i didn't even start it

    I've never felt better

  16. Going onto day 3 definitely the hardest I got every symptom they mentioned in this vid especially headaches and fatigue 🤯🤯🤯

  17. Im 14 and today i bough a pack of cigarettes, tried one, and i dont really understand why people smoke.I have a pack in my room, i dont have intention to smoke again, but i dont know what to do with it, its basically new, 19 cigarettes left.

  18. I haven't smoke in 3 months. I smoked a cigarette now. How bad my health will be afected? I am really concerned

  19. Definetly dont start smoking, if you can do it. I smoked for almost 2 years, and i decided to quit smoking. I havent smoked for 4 days by now, and i also feel some changes within me. It feels like i have more energy than before, and the taste of foods is also better( i use way less spices and salt too, because of this) but some coughing is there, abd sonetimes there is some craveing, but its not unbearable. Keep up everyone. We can do it.

  20. How smoking affects your health
    Watch now and support friends..
    This video may change your life

  21. I've been a smoker for 5 years and I really want to stop, but I feel like it's a part of me so I'm really anxious. I would like to gain weight but I think the cig are affecting my appetite and preventing me from gaining weight. So I would like to know if I would start to gain weight if I stop smoking?

  22. I didn’t know your body returns back to normal after you quit smoking this is amazing. One of my family members stopped smoking and never smoked again.

  23. Cmon..I am at 90hours now ..and believe me it is not over, it getting worst and worst. I am thinking about cigarets all the time. All I wish now is to smoke one, but i don't want to give up so i will fight

  24. I smoke using tobacco pipe for almost 22 years. I quit smoking (cold turkey) last aug 12, 2019. It is almost 3 months. Some withdrawal symptoms are still present, like anxiety and upset stomach/flatulence (frequency significantly reduced). My breathing has greatly improved as well as my mental focus. Looking forward to sustain this.

  25. I lost my mom and aunt, and probably soon second aunt to this horrible habit. I now have 2 friends I love, going through this same destructive path, and I can't do anything to stop them…to help them. I'm watching them die 🙁

  26. Been smoking a pack a day for 3 years going to stop after this last pack hopefully but I always say that we shall see

  27. Make a video about what happens when you quick cocaine and other drugs they's videos are hella good man love your work 💯💯🤟🏻🤟🏻

  28. I smoked for 5 years and and it was the worst decision I ever made ! Don’t smoke btw I’ve stopped and it has been the best decision so far ! Plenty of life decisions to make remember don’t waste ur life puffing away

  29. After smoking for 5-6 years I finally told my self I wasn’t smoking anymore (except maybe the occasional joint lel) 5 days in and I have no cravings or any desire to smoke at all, feeling really really good about this

  30. Had my last cigarette 5 days ago. I feel really moody, angry and I cry easily. Wish me luck to overcome this please!

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  32. So why dey promote cigarettes in stores but dey was quick to say weed was illegal so nobody could make profit off it💯

  33. I'm gonna stay away from smoking starting now, wish me luck. I want to look young and be healthy for as long as I can!

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