What If You Stopped Eating?

Food is a favorite pastime for many
which is convenient because we needed to live but what would happen to you in
your body if you were to completely stop eating food right now in the first six
hours all is fairly normal your body begins to break down glycogen which
stores energy in your body into glucose which are cells use as fuel around 25%
of energy generated this way is used for your brain alone while the rest goes
some muscle tissue and red blood cells but after about six hours this method of
energy production halts as the glycogen stores deplete which can lead to the
notorious Hangry or hungry and angry feeling that many of us know too well at
this point your body at his estate called ketosis as it begins to fast or
starve because there’s very little glucose in your blood your body must
begin to break down fat for energy this fat is in turn broken down into fatty
acids however your brain can’t use long chain fatty acids which is a problem
because there’s no more glucose and the faster too large to cross the blood
brain barrier your brain changes modes and begins to use ketone bodies for
energy which are short-changing relatives of fatty acids this works for
the time being but ultimately only 75% of the brain’s energy requirements can
come from ketones it still needs glucose which means your cognitive functioning
becomes impaired now it’s important to mention that you don’t have to be
starving to be in ketosis many people enter this phase if they’re on a low
carb diet or professional athletes who use all their carbs for an extended
period of time like marathon runners will be in this state as well however
beyond 72 hours not only will your mood and energy suffer but your brain will
start to break down your body’s own protein the proteins release amino acids
which can be converted into glucose which is great news for your brain but
bad news for your body basically your body is cannibalizing itself by
destroying your muscle mass in women under nutrition often shut down
the menstrual cycle as the body tries to reduce energy expenditure bone density
diminishes and both men and women may experience loss of libido within a few
weeks the body’s immune system will be so we can without any vitamins or
minerals that many will die from disease otherwise it will continue to use up all
energy sources in till there was no glucose fat tissue or muscle man left
one of the more common causes of death is cardiac arrhythmia or heart attack
due to the tissue degradation in the heart diaphragm and body this is fairly
common in those suffering from anorexia of course the body experiences severe
organ failure all around starvation can lead to death in a short
as three weeks or up to seventy days as documented during the Irish hunger
strikes in 1981 though the duration of survival is greatly influenced by how
hydrated you are and the amount of fat reserves your body has which some ways
is incredible that the body can sustain for so long with no food and get
approximately seven hundred and ninety five million people around the world
have to deal with this reality the good news is that the seven richest countries
have pledged to lift 500 million people out of hunger and malnutrition by 2030
but we need to hold them accountable we’re working with an organization
called global citizen to do just that and here’s a really easy way that you
can help out to buy sharing this video and then heading to the global citizen
website forum here you’ll be adding her voice to an important educational
movement towards ending hunger worldwide you can click the screen or use the
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  1. This is partial information. The record for fasting is nearly 400 days. Muscle breakdown is not that drastic. Obviously if you're underweight you shouldn't fast. Most people aren't underweight.

  2. I can’t eat sometimes because the thought of food makes me physically sick. I’m not overweight but I wish I was thin, I’m scared that if I don’t eat I’ll die… that’s not what I want. I know I’m only 14yrs old but I rlly want to be toned and skinny, I’d probably feel confident and maybe go swimming more often. My weight holds me back a lot… I currently weight the average but my stomach and my legs feel fatty, which makes me super insecure. I always wear my jumper during ballet because I’m scared I might look fat…. And for some people this may sound stupid but I don’t know whether i have an eating disorder or what? I don’t eat much anyways besides being vegetarian… I also can go for like two days without eating and I’d feel fine, except I tend to get dizzy easily but that’s even when I eat. I workout twice a day, everyday… I just get tierd easily and it makes exercise harder.

    I just want to be skinny,
    I don’t want to die tho…

    What do I do?

  3. Me: ~Watches video~
    Me: Fine bish!😒

  4. Hmmmmm …not quite right . Long term Fasting (with water or water & salt) drives your body into a state of ketosis that will use ALL of your stored body fat from your liver and then from the rest of your body. Also, you get extremely cognitive skills since you’re body goes through something called autophagy. You will loose weight : water weight & fat . Your skin will begin to glow, your diabetes has a greater chance of being reversed , cancers also are disappearing as the cells are being deprived of sugar that feeds them. Thyroid problems will eventually subside . Fasting doesn’t kill you, eating will. you would only die if you have NO MORE Fat or protein to fuel off of .

  5. Starting an eating disorder for 2 days, took mirror pictures of my body to see how far i'll come. I'll continue it if I lose weight

  6. comment section is full of e-boys and e-girls who still like to pretend they want to die because it makes them cool and super edgy.
    beware! everyone is suddenly depressed, yes.

  7. If Im starving its because dems and reps have myself on a starvation diet in attempts to bend myself to their side. Ive already written about ppl attempting to stifle myself because I shouldnt want to be Independent.

  8. Me; recovering from an eating disorder

    Also me: hasnt eaten in 3 hours, feeling hungry

    My body: ah shit, here we go again

  9. One day there will be so many of us here on earth, that everything will begin to scarce. Food, water, and territory will became a problem, and the Apocalypse shall begin, therefore we'll extinguish ourselves.

  10. Thanks for making this video, I’ve been trying to stop eating and I got hungry and almost threw up and a point and I got angry or no reason some how, I was on my phone and saw this video, It scared me and I instantly started to eat regularly because I was afraid to die and I didn’t want to be weak, So I’m just thanking you for putting this out there.

  11. So you probably are not a fan of the one meal a day diet.. got it
    Trust me if I could stop eating I would.. I actually got to the point where I wish I was very underweight.. like very underweight

  12. One year ago i'm don't eat nothing because I have anorexia now have 14 years old and I dont eat for 5 days every weeks and the weekend eat much this is awful but im health perhap now

  13. I made my research here is a 530 calorie meal

    one egg 78 cal
    two slices of basic white bread 154 cal (77 cal per slice)
    170 gram of yogurt full cream 68 cal
    one bag of lays chips 230 cal ( this is specifically the salt and vinegar flavor) if u want the classic then it will be 160 cal

    =530 it's almost 500 cal but it should keep me full and of course drink LOTS of water

  14. I feel regular hunger, but have a minuscule appetite unless it’s something that I want. If it isn’t said thing I feel sick.

  15. Imagine massive global food shortages caused by global economic depression or climate change, where some of the fittest, shredded types find it more difficult to survive than the fat ones. Survival of the fittest?

  16. My experience after not eating after 3 hours, i started to get dizzy and poor eyesight that got more worse in the next few seconds before I faint, thanks to Mentos candy it saved me before Death.

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