What Is A Candida Cleanse Supposed to Do?

Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. Got a whole lot of questions to go through. I get so many questions on YouTube. You would not believe how many questions I
get. If I answered all of them, I’d be working
24/7. All I can do is pick some of the best ones
out, and I’ve got some of them here now. What is a candida cleanse supposed to do? That’s the question. That’s a very good question. Well, a candida cleanse is supposed to do
a whole bunch of stuff. But first, let’s make sure that we’re talking
about candida cleanse, okay? Yesterday, I had six patients, two of those
patients, we got quite a significant improvement with these patients. Both of these cases, in fact, had no candida
whatsoever. They had bacteria overload. Many people get confusion with a bacteria
problem in their gut and a candida problem. What a candida cleanse is supposed to do is
improve your health dramatically. Now, that can take time. If you’d been unwell for some time, you’re
not going to expect a dramatic improvement in your health in a week. Sometimes even a month, but you should notice
an improvement. So a good candida cleanse, what’s suppose
to happen is you’re supposed to feel good, but that takes time. That good takes time to ramp up, okay? This is what I want you to really bear in
mind. It’s unrealistic to think that you’re going
to feel amazing within a couple of weeks or a month, but yet many people still have this
sort of illusion that they think that’s what’s suppose to happen, but it doesn’t happen like
that. And, they may get disappointed. So, what’s supposed to happen, in my opinion,
from where I’m sitting, identify your target species first. Find out what’s wrong. And then if it is a candida problem, what’s
supposed to happen after a candida cleanse is, as I mentioned, a big improvement in your
symptoms. If we elaborate a bit on that, energy improvement,
sleep improvement, wellbeing improvement, so how you feel inside. That’s a key think I look to look at with
people. I say, how do you feel? Oh, I feel okay. But if someone says, I’m feeling better or
I feel great. It’s that feeling you’ve got inside your body,
all right? Now, that may mean some symptoms may have
improved already in the early days and perhaps even some of the stronger symptoms that you’ve
got and you want to get rid of, maybe they have not improved yet, but if you feel that
you’re improving, if things are going well for you, that’s how you’re supposed to feel,
so keep doing what you’ve done to get to that point. Maybe take a break for a little while, but
come back to it and keep on going because what’s supposed to happen with a good candida
cleanse is, your level of your improvement should continue, and continue, and then continue. But, as I mention in other videos, there will
be setbacks, so sometimes you’ll take a few steps backwards, then you may take two steps
forwards. This is quite normal. Setbacks are normal and to be expected. So don’t freakout if you get setbacks. If you get lots of setbacks or too many in
a row, you may have some problems in your life that need dealing with like relationship
problems, crappy job, crappy diet, or it’s good, but it’s not good enough. If the level of improvement is not there,
like it is supposed to be there, then you need to go back and investigate why this is
occurring, and fix it, and then, generally the level of improvement will pick up again,
all right? That’s what’s supposed to happen. So, remember, identify your targe species
first, stool testing. Find out what’s wrong with your tummy, or
you may have had some other previous tests done by your practitioner. The point I’m making is you need the right
kind of information to begin a candida cleanse. When you’ve got that, you can undertake a
cleanse. Ever since I’ve been talking on stool testing
on YouTube, I’ve noticed an explosion of websites now all talking about stool testing. The Candida Diet and many other websites like
that, they’re all talking about stool testing. Well, why the hell didn’t they do this before? Stool testing I’ve been working on now for
over 25 years now. I think it’s one of the best things you can
do to determine what the hell is going on inside your tummy. That’s what, in my opinion, you’re supposed
to do before you undertake a cleanse, especially if you’ve got a gut or a major digestive issue. Do the right thing. Get it checked out first by you’re doctor,
functional medicine doctor. Then, a protocol is put into place, and then,
what’s supposed to happen is, as I mentioned, is that nice ramping up or improvement. If not, something is wrong. Check out my other videos because I do talk
a lot about what to do when something goes wrong. You can do a title search. You can checkout the playlists. There’s now a lot of videos on this channel,
so most questions are answered for people, all right? So, if you’ve got a question, there’s probably
a chance it will be answered in one of my videos. So, that’s what’s supposed to happen with
a candida cleanse. You’re supposed to improve. If you’re not, find out why you’re not improving,
and go back to the drawing board. Put a good protocol into place, and then keep
on going, and you should get better. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Eric! I have changed my diet 3 years ago because of many and severe candida-symptoms. This has changed my life and health completely, and you have been a real help and source of motivation and information to me. First 3 months after cleanse and change of diet were TOUGH, but now I still notice my improvement from month to month. Greetings from Bavaria/Germany***

  2. How do I get in touch? I live in the States but I need guidance and you seem like an expert to say the least.

  3. Thank you so much for your videos! I have been following your advice for 20-odd days. I have systemic C. Parapsilosis. Is there something I can do to tackle this species in particular?

  4. Hi, I have a lot of information about Candida. My problem is the sudden defecation problem in the diet. I'm in trouble in social situations. I'm problem constantly and very stool. mash and diarea Why?

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