What Is Citrobacter Freundii?

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the
CanXida range of supplements. Thanks for checking out my video. Today, we’re going to talk about a bacteria
called Citrobacter Freundii. Quite an unusual name. Very strange name indeed. So, I don’t want you to get too bogged down
when it comes to many different types of bacteria, because there are different types of family,
species, etc. It’s not really that important to know all
this kind of stuff, I just found this quite interesting article on the internet. A microbiology class notes in fact which are
very good descriptions. You can read all about Citrobacter and what
it is, but it is basically a facultative anaerobic gram-negative coliform bacteria of the enterobacteria
family. Did you understand any of that? Probably not. So, this bacteria is quite normal living in
the intestines of humans and animals. Many people will have Citrobacter. Citrobacter was discovered in 1932, so not
really that long ago. It can cause a lot of problems in people who
are immune compromised. The weak, the sick, the frail, the very elderly,
or the very young. It’s found sometimes for example to be a big
problem with neonatal meningitis. Small infants or elderly people can be particularly
hard hit when it comes to bacterial imbalances in the gut. They haven’t got a lot of resistance there
and they’re very susceptible. This bug I find quite often in stool tests
for people. When I do stool tests, we’ve got the good
bugs in the green column, the beneficial or expected flora. We’ve got the imbalanced flora in the middle,
which is represented by a yellow column, and on the red, we’ve got the dysbiotic or the
bad flora. You don’t really want this biotic there. Try and understand, I’ve said this before
in videos people that can become imbalanced if they see an opportunity arises they can
steal things and stuff like that. Then the downright nasty people, the pedophiles,
the seriously corrupt politicians, the terrorists, ISIS, all that kind of stuff, that’s in the
red column. Citrobacter can become a terrorist in your
body if it overgrows. I’m particularly interested to look at the
beneficial expected flora when I see Citrobacter, because generally I find lower numbers. If you’ve had antibiotics, for example, concurrently
you could be a sitting duck for Citrobacter. It’s very common to find that. Citrobacter can cause a lot of problems in
people. Urinary tract infections for example can happen
with E-coli infections. Quite commonly cause UTIs, but Citrobacter
can also cause UTIs. The particular symptoms we’re looking for
for UTIs from E-coli: burning sensations, urging, offensive smelling urine. I find this symptom in particular quite an
interesting one with this bacteria. Also, blood in urine. If you’ve got any kind of UTIs, make sure
particularly if you’ve been treated again and again you could have a Citrobacter problem. Remember, especially for females, bacteria
can be transferred from one region to another because of the proximity, and this can be
a big issue. It’s important to get your digestive system
clean if you get recurring UTIs. Citrobacter has also been linked with respiratory
kinds of infections. It can also even affect the organs if it gets
out of control. It can affect the liver, the kidneys, intestines,
it can cause seriously bad infection. What’s the solution for Citrobacter? How do you get on top of this thing? Well, like any other bacterial overgrowth,
it’s important to get the beneficial bacteria up again. It’s important to take things out of the diet
that feed this kind of imbalance. It’s important to keep the adrenal function
strong, to keep your cortisol levels balanced, which allows your immune system to be very
strong and vigilant and will stop imbalances occurring, i.e., stress. Watch out for stress. Stress increases your vulnerability, increases
your susceptibility and decreases your resistance allowing you to get hit hard by these bugs. Eating funny food in funny restaurants served
by funny people. Watch out where you eat. Travel can create vulnerability. Long nights, not getting enough sleep. Fighting with people. Hanging around negative people. All these things I’ve talked about on my previous
videos. You need to be very careful about keeping
your body in strong position so it can stop these kinds of imbalances occurring. So, the best way to pick up a Citrobacter
problem is through a stool test. That will pick it up. Particularly the PCR, the polymerase chain
reaction, or DNA testing will pick it up very quick. What I was going to tell you about is I know
that this bacteria responds quite well in response to the CanXida products. CanXida Remove, CanXida Restore, and CanXida
Rebuild will work very well to bring harmony back in the intestinal tract. That’s certainly something that is worth trying. Also if you’ve got a problem with Citrobacter,
please follow my Candida Crusher approach. My three stage diet. It’s going to work very well and go in your
favor. Remember, it’s especially the combination
of the lifestyle, the diet, and some supplementation which is going to give you that kind of resistance
that you’re looking for. So don’t freak out about this weird thing
called Citrobacter Freundii. Just understand that it occurs in many people,
and you’ve got to get it back in balance again, just like Candida, just like a lot of other
bacteria. Get it in balance. If it’s in balance, you’re going to be fine. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link in the description
box below if you haven’t got my report already. I’ll see you some time in the future. Thank you for checking out my video.

11 Replies to “What Is Citrobacter Freundii?”

  1. Hello Candida Crusher! Question. What causes my stomach to get bloated after every bowel movement, …plus I have thin stools as well? I have been dealing with this for over a year. I have tried digestive enzymes, Cleansemore, wheatgrass, probiotics, bentonite clay, physillium husks, etc my diet is clean, gluten free, diary free. Am currently taking a GI herbal supplement for H pylori. Nothings seems to work. Am currently waiting for the results from my colonoscopy. There are sampling polyps

  2. hi Eric, can u tell how many diffrent sorts of good bacteria there is or its impossible to say? i also Heard that some of the good bacteria cant live toghter with other good bactera so need to match who fit toghter, it seem a bit hard to know how to mach them in the best way. also is there anything like getting to much "good bacteria" or that we dont need worry about? cheers

  3. DR….. PLEASE REPLY…..

    I've been on your diet for the last 3 months. I don't smoke and I don't drink, I've followed your diet strictly from your book that I bought along with canxida medicine I'm taking 8 pills a day. I still have the same symptoms as before itching, burning and redness. I did'nt have symptoms on my body like most people, it's all on my penis. everytime I have sex I get bumps on my penis. I was told it was yeast / candida. I read about monunka honey in your book. I spent 80 dollars usd for 20 umf. I've been using 5 days and everything is the same. I have spent so much money. but I have'nt gotten any results can you please tell me what to do to get rid of this? I've tried everything oregano oil, tea tree oil, monuka honey, b. clay which is disgusting. I've been eating fresh raw veggies. please tell me what to do ? thanks

  4. Hello Eric
    I have a question –
    I've been struggling with candida for some years now and i can tell you that i have really strong yeast infection; you can say that i see results of inadequative nutrition(when it comes to candida and candida diet) immediately after eating something. (on body)
    What seemed to help me was very strict ketogenic diet but it's very hard to maintain so eventually i gave up.
    I saw your videos about brown rice and here is my question:
    Im active person – on the keto diet it was horror i had no energy whatsoever So i want to eat some brown rice to have energy for my workout but for me it would be like 200 grams of rice a day which gives about 150 grams of carbohydrates do you think i can eat that much? Because if i eat less i feel very bad (headache dizzisness lack of energy)

  5. ok,my doctor found citrobacter koseri in my nasel area.i think this is why when I eat food it smells really bad,like a gas like smell in the room that wont go away and people sense.does this make any sense to you?

  6. how did i come across this is my lung area just got a letter from my doc saying my upper respiratory infection swab came back positive for koteri and citrobacter

  7. Dear Candid Crusher. Can citrobacter also cause nerve problems like heavy legs and muscle contractions? and seeing neon blue at night? balance problems and peep noises on eears. pain in bones, not empty the bladder anymore etc. thank you!!

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