What Is Gut Dysbiosis?

Hello. It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for checking out my video today. I’m going
to talk a little bit about dysbiosis, gut dysbiosis. I often get asked questions of
this nature by patients. What are beneficial bacteria? What are probiotics? What are prebiotics?
The question today is what is gut dysbiosis? I want you to think of your digestive system
containing an incredible amount of bacteria, lots of different bacteria. In fact, it’s
estimated to contain between 1 and 1-1/2 pounds of bacteria, that’s trillions and trillions
of bacteria of many different kinds of species. Try to think of your digestive system like
being a garden with all different kinds of plants, trees, shrubs, weeds, grasses and
all sorts of stuff. And in and amongst all that, you’re going to have lots of different
insects and things living in there, so it’s quite a massive ecosystem. It’s the same with
your gut. There are different parts of the digestive
system that will contain different types of bacteria and in different populations. A lot
of it depends on the pH or the acidity and alkalinity of that area. The stomach is quite
acid forming compared to the colon or the large intestine, which tends to be a little
bit more alkaline. Dysbiosis commonly affects the small and large intestine.
Lactobacillus species are beneficial bacteria that populate the small bowel quite a lot,
and the bifida bacteria populate the large bowel. You’ll have both of those species living
throughout, but that tends to be where a lot of them live. Dysbiosis occurs when you get
an influx of bad bacteria and yeast and even parasites in these kinds of areas, and that
can occur for a whole multitude of reasons. A common reason may be after taking one or
more courses of antibiotics or PPI drugs, we call proton pump inhibitors, stuff for
acidity in the stomach. You may have also taken a course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs or NSAIDs, and this can be something like diclofenac for like arthritis. Pharmaceuticals
commonly cause gut dysbiosis and leaky gut, which is something a little bit different.
Gut dysbiosis. How do you know you’ve got gut dysbiosis? Bloating, farting, burping,
funny bowel motions, abdominal discomfort, constipation, and diarrhea may occur; irritable
bowel syndrome can be part of gut dysbiosis. Lots of patients I see have got dysbiosis.
If you can relate to symptoms like bloating, farting, having bowel motions at weird times
of the day or all over the place, skipping a day not having a bowel motion one day but
having it the next day, these are all potential causes for different reasons. You can sort
of get the picture with gut dysbiosis, so dys � biosis, so life not so good.
The whole thing we want to do is cultivate the inner garden and get the beneficial bacteria
to be there in larger amounts and to decrease the population of the bad bacteria. You’ll
need to watch some of my other videos where I talk about beneficial bacteria, also prebiotics,
probiotics, and eating the right kind of foods that contain the right starches and fibers
and sugars that feed up these really good bacteria.
That gives you a bit of an insight into what gut dysbiosis is. Thanks for checking out
my video today.

8 Replies to “What Is Gut Dysbiosis?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You have helped me greatly w/fighting my candida problem. I do need to order your book and candida pills. Thank you again, Mike from Alaska

  2. How long can it be tolerated? Right now I have symptoms like after eating fairly regular food, my head get dizzy, sometimes even the scalp tickles, not much going on in the intestines, apart from burping and farting now and then. I try to eat all kinds of vegetables now, because had a severe constipation few months ago, but wasn't sure what is the cause of it. It started suddenly and I was struggling for some time, now the bowel movement is kinda back to normal, yet remains irregular and sometimes still can be hard to move. Started the treatment, going to colonoscopy soon, but feeling this weird symptoms like dizziness, foggy head and some others few last weeks. And yes, I have had stress and depressing feelings for some months lately. Should I take some probiotic bacteria rich pills along with keffir and such fermented dairy products?

  3. Have you ever heard of "Restore?"  It is a product based in the United States.  I wonder if you can tell me what you think of it.  It left me feeling bloaded and uncomfortable.  I mentioned this on the YouTube sight and had many responses of people telling me to use less of it.  I had thrown it down the drain at this point.  I had bought it for myself and my mom.  We eat pretty good, but because people are saying that out earth is not as fertile at is should be I try to get things to help with digestion.  Also, my mom is on high blood pressure pills.  Trust me, I wish she wasn't.  I don't like any pharmaceutical drugs, but she believes in doctors and he tells her she needs to be on it.  She is also on another pill to help her not go to the bathroom so much.  She is 88.  Sheila

  4. Your description of this condition was helpful. Unfortunately, those symptoms also describe a thousand other conditions. So, if there was one particular symptom that would set this condition apart, what would it be?

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