What is Nutritional Therapy? – Stephanie Weekes

Hi my name’s Steph Weekes and I’m a
Nutritional Therapist for Nuffield Health. I used to play a lot of Ultimate
Frisbee, one of the reasons which led me to actually become a nutritional
therapist to help with performance. However now I do a more
gentle hobby, I meditate quite a lot. Eating freshly cooked well-balanced
meals with plenty of vegetables is an excellent start. Try and include as many
brightly coloured vegetables as possible and to help you understand what a
portion is – it’s about a pepper, a handful is one portion. We recommend a minimum
of five fruit and veg a day. The foods we have a profound effect on
the way we feel and the way the body functions. Nutritional therapy applies
the science behind the food and the nutrients that promote health
performance and wellbeing. At Nuffield Health we use a range of tools
to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances that contribute
to your symptoms and your health concerns. We provide nutritional and
lifestyle programmes that are tailored specifically to you, to help you achieve
your health goals. Nutritional therapy can help with a wide
range of health issues and can support things like: Low energy, digestive issues,
skin conditions, hormone health, stress and weight management for example.

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