What Is The Recovery Time With Candida?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, here again with another
frequently asked question regarding yeast infections. This is a question from Rick in
Colorado. Eric, what is the recovery time in Candida?
What is the normal time somebody recovers from a chronic yeast infection? Well, Rick, to answer that question, I’d have
to say to you, how long have you had this thing for? What are your expectations of recovery?
Have you had this thing for a year or two years? It looks like Rick’s had jock itch
and toenail fungus. I’ve got no real idea how long you’ve had this for, Rick, but let’s
just say you’ve had it maybe for five or ten years. Well, the recovery time really depends on
a lot of factors, but it depends particularly on how you apply toward the recovery. What
measures are you taking? Are you treating this thing locally, systemically? Are you
looking at your lifestyle and diet or are you just expecting supplements to do the curing
for you? Are you using combination pharmaceutical drugs, anti-fungal creams or pills? And do
you keep on drinking alcohol when you do this? Surprising how many guys do this when they
see me; they’ll keep drinking beer and having pizzas, but then take a few pills and expect
to get rid of it. Well, in that case, the recovery could be protracted or could take
a long time. So how long does it take someone to do a PhD?
How long does it take someone to pay off a mortgage? How long does it take someone to
do anything worthwhile in life? It all depends on the ability of that person to be enthusiastic
about wanting to get the outcome and result they’re looking for. It depends on that person’s
ability to apply themselves to get the results they’re looking for. So if you apply yourself
earnestly and follow the advice I’m giving you in my book, Candida Crusher, you could
nail this thing within 12 months. If you’ve had it for 10 years, I’d expect a 12-month
resolution. Anyone that tells you you can cure this thing,
Rick, in 12 months is going to be close to the mark. But if someone tells you you can
cure jock itch in 12 hours, well, you need to walk past these turkeys because there are
a lot of these people out there that make these stupid statements. Just like I get spam
emails in my inbox saying there’s a $126 million check for me to pick; some nonsense like this.
If you believe in this sort of nonsense, well, there’s no hope for you. But I don’t think
you’re that type of person. So you can recover and you’re ability to recover
is dependent on how you apply yourself with well-defined principles and a good program.
And if everything works out well and you do things properly, within one year, well and
truly, you’ll have this thing completely cleared up. But not only that, you probably will have
lost some weight in the interim. Probably your sleep will have improved and you will
have gained a considerable improvement in your health and well-being overall. So I hope that answers your question, Rick.
Thanks for your question.

7 Replies to “What Is The Recovery Time With Candida?”

  1. Thanks for your excellent and clear videos Erik.

    Do you have to realistically plan for life without alcohol and the usual suspects, even in moderation? I have always enjoyed a healthy diet, stayed away from antibiotics, and exercised often. i enjoyed wine and alcohol in a moderate, to on occasion large amount. No problems, but just usual enjoying boozy holidays here and there, going out for drinks on the weekend… Do i have to turn my back on that lifestyle now?

  2. Thank you, once again, Dr. Bakker, for your clear, no nonsense information. I have had candida for over a decade. I have tried many things, with moderate success and then recurrence. Your program, Canxida Remove AND removing ALL alcohol has done wonders. I have never been a "drinker", but noticed that with the occasional glass of wine or beer, symptoms increased or returned. Thank you so much for this one piece that was missing from my particular puzzle! I am perfectly willing to allow my body to heal at its own pace! Cheers…..

  3. How long should I continue to take CanXida Remover and Restore after my flora has returned to normal? I had taken them for 6 weeks, am still doing your diet. I am now symptom free, but had candida for almost a year.

  4. hello 🙂 I'm considering purchasing your book. I certainly have candida and am eager to clear my body from it. After sifting through your videos I can't seem to find something though ( I probably missed it). So many websites talk about candida spores and how they lie dormant deep in bodily tissue even though the active candida has been erradicated. Is there truth to this? If there is I'm assuming your program addresses this? Please respond at your earliest convenience. .. and forgive my ignorance. Best wishes!

  5. I'm witnessing myself NOT recovering from Candida is desperate. Even though I have a candida diet for 3 month. Not consuming a gr of sugar. And I m doing exercise 4 times a week but I see no results. What should I do?

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