What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Antoine Vaillant’s Morning Meal

all right Muscle &Strength this if Antoine Vaillant IFBB Pro and this is what a bodybuilder eats for breakfast so breakfast is gonna be two eggs fish
oil teaspoon quarter of uh third of a cup of berries this is our go-to for mustard president
choice sweet and heat it’s really good and
we’re sponsored by this here in Burlington all the bodybuilders are not really but
if you have a store that has a president choice you should try to find it so
maybe take a screenshot of this right now screenshot I take this what I do right
I just mix it up like that and then see that so offseason I cook with this my eggs
will be in butter oh whoa I almost missed that one was too confident there saved so there you go that’s breakfast see
that a nice way to start your day so that was my breakfast thanks for
watching and please subscribe to the Muscle & Strength Channel

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  2. Was totally expecting "fucking stalkers, why are you guys watching me eat again?"
    And then a clip of him watching Fouad Abiad

  3. This guy is hilarious … the witty comments make it more personal. Not going to lie though. Watching him down the oil straight made me wince a little. It tastes nasty straight.

  4. This guy is hilarious. It's like Chandler meets Joey. LMAO. 🤙awesome content M&S. Fu*k yeah.

  5. Favorite pro bodybuilder by far👍🏼it's always easy to watch his videos till the end! He has an incredible sense of humor and a unique charisma! Plus, the guy knows how to flip eggs🍳😎 and he doesn't blend his salmon and rice😅😆 I subscribed to your channel because of AV so hopefully he will be featured on regular basis!

  6. My breakfast is usually between 1800-2400 calories. Currently on a 4,000+ Calorie diet. Sometimes only two meals a day. Two high calorie meals. Whatever works for you.

  7. I eat the same shit for breakfast except I use ham instead of chicken and add a bit of avocado oh and Sriracha instead of ketchup

  8. How pro bodybuilders ruin their health. They eat like this while they have their youth,

    but then their health goes for the worse after their thirties, forties, and fifties.

  9. Ate chicken, rice, and eggs for my first meal recently. Can confirm it's amazing.

    Good stuff as always, M&S! Keep up the great work!

  10. Antoine eats like a straight up caveman….it’s awesome. I changed the way I eat eggs over easy because of him. Just suck em down.

  11. What about your current cycle? Is that before breakfast or with food intake? I want to make sure my anabolic ratios are acceptable.

  12. Uses full fat butter with eggs?

    Must be French!

    LOVE eggs in butter!

    Love the vid……just wish these guys woulda use cast iron pans, instead of the non-stick crap.

  13. i know teflon is really easy for people who don't really have serious cooking skills, but teflon is not good for you. get a cast iron pan, or wok, season it and learn to use it. way better than teflon and once you learn to use it, it's really cool and the ladies dig the fire and the flash.

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