What To Do If You’ve Hit A Healing Plateau | How To Push Past it!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel! Today I am talking about plateauing on your healing journey. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from followers about why they see improvement in the beginning but then they just can’t seem to clear up that last bit of Psoriasis or eczema or just can’t quite get rid of the fatigue, etc. So I’m here to explain why that Plateau is happening. Before we start, if you have experienced a plateau in your health, leave it in the comments below! Let me know just so I can see how common this actually is for a lot of you. Essentially there is no such thing as Your body just stops improving and it just won’t heal any more. There’s no such thing as that and if you’re not getting any more progress, there is a reason so I’m gonna quickly explain What some of those reasons are. Usually people who make a positive health change, whether it’s with diet or switching over to non-toxic beauty products, or that kind of stuff, you’re going to notice an improvement in your symptoms because what was once toxic that you were introducing to your body is now gone and Your body just has a little bit less inflammation and toxic load it has to worry about. Or you’re eating a cleaner diet so your body is getting more nutrients than it used to. Usually people notice a big surge in improvement in the beginning but then it starts to plateau as we call it and they just feel like nothing they do is working anymore. A few things you can do after you’ve kind of hit that point where you seem like you’re not improving is Number one, start with diet. Usually people will start by eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar. Those are the main ones when they start to try to heal either their autoimmune issues or Their health issues in general and that’s a good place to start! But what a lot of people don’t realize is Those are not the only trigger foods. YOu can be technically sensitive to any foods that you’re consuming so Take it a step further and really Look where you can fine-tune your diet even further. What’s happening is, like I mentioned in the beginning, you get rid of a bunch of trigger foods and your immune system gets to relax a little bit and inflammation goes down and your body starts to heal. But you are still probably eating certain foods that you’re sensitive to and it’s still causing some inflammation. So at some point your immune system and your body are not going to fully 100% heal if there’s chronic inflammation from something you’re eating. You do have to further fine-tune your diet and really get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what your triggers are. They’re usually added sweeteners, sugary fruit, fermented food, peanuts, yeast, Anything moldy, so you really have to look and see. And also the foods you eat most frequently are usually the ones you’re going to be sensitive to so try to rotate your diet even more and eliminate certain foods for a period of time. Really just focus on diet. There’s always room for improvement and sometimes people say that they only have gluten once a week or even once a month or they only have pizza once a month so they don’t understand why they’re not healing. It’s not so much that pizza is terrible in itself (I mean, it is pretty bad) but what the problem is, is when you have chronic inflammation even just having something once a month is too much when your body’s just so oversensitive. You need to completely eliminate these certain foods at some point for a long time… I would say usually a year! Really eliminate all the trigger foods and then after that introduce things slowly. So if you eat a food you’re sensitive to like gluten, even if it’s only once a month, it takes six weeks for that inflammation to calm down. So if you have it once a month, as the inflammation starts to come down, you have it again in your inflammation will increase. I usually just avoid foods for a certain period of time in the beginning stages. If you’re used to eating junk food and stuff and you slowly start to switch into, I guess like a healthier diet, then having gluten once a month or certain foods that you loved once a month Is fine. I you cut it out all together when you’re used to eating it so frequently, you’ll usually binge or just decide to not follow the health diet anymore. So in the beginning, it’s fine but at some point, especially when you hit that plateau, you do need to further fine-tune and further eliminate and really get strict with your diet and you’ll notice the drastic improvements once you do and once you find your triggers. So like I said, there’s always room for fine tuning whether it’s eating more vegetables or maybe you’re not eating enough veggies and you’re too acidic. Adding more fiber to the diet. Some more healthy fats, etc. Really find out where your meat is from and if you’re not doing grass-fed, try switching to grass-fed because even the Antibiotic or hormone free meat is still not organic. So they are still fed grains with glyphosate And all that kind of stuff which is coming to you. Maybe switch to even cleaner meat and that kind of stuff… really fine tune! There’s always room for improvement. and that’s the first place to start. If your diet is completely perfect and there’s absolutely no room for improvement. Then you can look at other issues. So the second thing would be external or environmental stressors that are going to harm your immune system and cause inflammation. So things like Glyphosate in your drinking water, maybe consider purchasing like a Berkey water filter or something like that. The other thing would be even secondhand smoke. Maybe someone in your home or at your workplace smoke and you’re always breathing that in, that would be something to think about because those are all external toxins that are still entering your body and your body has to handle that. I you’re really sensitive it’s hard to get full healing when you still have these these little triggers that are constantly causing inflammation. It could be that you’re smoking marijuana just a couple times a month even and you think it’s not completely harmful but it could be enough for you personally to push you into that inflammatory State and prevent you from full healing So maybe stop doing that, at least for a little while. It could be that you only drink alcohol just a couple times a month like a glass of wine here and there, it could still be a trigger for you If you have histamine intolerance or if you have mold in your body. Yeast or wine can definitely further feed that and cause some issues there. So look at your environment, and maybe you need to really watch your makeup products, again, even if you’re only wearing makeup once a week, those could be enough for you personally to have a reaction if they’re not clean makeup products or not, clean detergents and soaps and shampoos. There’s always room for improvement and definitely your external environment can be improved as well and even if you have mold in your home consider drying that out or improving that. Look to your environment if your diets perfect, and usually it’s little things that you start to eliminate that means less toxins for your body and quicker healing. The last thing that you can look at is that you just need more drainage and more detoxification. Alot of people typically start with liver cleansing or Candida cleansing and that’s usually the good place to start with the the most important. However, at some point you want to drain and flush your other emunctories or elimination pathways… so kidneys are huge, lungs are major for a lot of people especially if you’ve ever smoked, if you have a lot of congestion or mucus or if you lived in a moldy home You really want to do some lung drainage. You want to drain the skin and you want to drain the lymphatic system too. So don’t just stop after the liver and candida cleanse and think you’re done and not understand why you’re not improving. Look to your other elimination pathways… other ways you can get toxins out and do that. Whether it’s with hot epsom salt baths or homeopathics, massage, chiropractors, whatever you think is going to work for you. You can look at that type of treatment or modality and use that to get more improvements in terms of detoxification. A lot of people have heavy metal Sorry… actually back up a minute. A lot of people have mercury amalgam fillings! They do everything else right but don’t get those removed and that could be that constant trigger or exposure to to mercury which is a heavy metal and it’s really hard to fully heal if your body’s constantly exposed to that so that would be something to consider. Make sure you go to a really good dentist to get them removed because they will leach and usually people get a worsening of symptoms after getting them removed. But look to that! Usually there is still heavy metals or mold toxicity underlying your main conditions or symptoms and it’s hard to fully heal, again, if you still have that. So further Detoxification is so important! Do a heavy metal cleanse or you can even go to a doctor and get chelation therapy. Do some more mold cleansing… so really look towards detoxification. Once you further, and truly, and deeply detox, your symptoms will lift! The only reason why you have Your health conditions and issues is because of inflammation from toxins or something that’s aggravating your body and once that source is removed your body can calm down your symptoms can go away your body can start to rebalance. So those are the three areas I like to look at! Diet, your environment (the the things you’re putting on your body), and then deeper drainage and cleansing other areas of your body. I do one-on-one consultations and I like to use Homeopathics for my clients in terms of the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the colon drainage, the lymphatic drainage. They’re the most effective and you get really good results. So I’d be happy to work with you! My Contact info and my website is in the description box below so you can check that out But that’s all I have for this video. If you are hitting a plateau really look where you can fine tune and Everyone will get good improvement and a surge of energy And stuff when you kind of make the the major switches to cleaner food, you know And that kind of stuff but at some point you really have to get Nitpicky in terms of your lifestyle just to further push you into healing and again, none of these are going to be forever It’s just until your body rebalances and at that point it can handle a little bit of toxins here and there so you won’t have to completely eliminate all these Foods and all these things that you love forever. It’s just until you’re healed. So I really hope you guys enjoyed this video Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it. I love you all and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye

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  1. This is me!!! I have been doing everything for years!! Amazing diet, amazing improvement to show for it but still dealing with one issue. I am now on a heavy metal chelation program with my naturopath and I really feel like this is the final area for me to completely and fully heal after confirming I have heavy metal toxicity even with doing several long water fasts and juice cleanses! Crazy! Smh. So this video is so encouraging for me. Thank you!!!

  2. Hey I've been following your advice and I have been feeling really good particularly since going gluten and dairy free. I'm 6ft and I dropped from 13st to 11st in 6 months. But now I'm getting comments off people saying 'you look ill'. It has really deflated me

  3. Thank you for this information! I have currently reached a plateau and I am reevaluating my diet again. The last time I plateaued I took a test to determine which foods I am sensitive to. I am sensitive to some healthy foods that I love (like avocado). Once I removed the triggers my health improved a lot! Thank you for your ideas of other things I can look into.

  4. Fermented foods,yeast yup it bothers me a lot,it's SO difficult for me to eliminate dairy and chocolate,I was shocked that I don't handle chocolate at all and also ketchup and mayonnaise I miss them sooooo much:-(life has no taste this 2 weeks literally lol,but I am going forward ,not giving up.And also it's very important to walk A LOT outside in fresh air,I am indoor type and that makes me so sick ,so I force my self to WALK

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