When Mosquitos Attack

From its reputation as the world’s deadliest
creature to several people afflicted by its dangerous bite, this is what happens when
mosquitoes attack. Today’s video was requested by Southtaylor. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 5 Maria McGranaghan
While vacationing with her family on the Greek island of Corfu, 13-year-old Maria McGranaghan
decided to sleep outside to cope with the intense heat. In doing so, the teenager from Manchester,
England, suffered a number of mosquito bites all-over her body. She developed a rash on her face, which was
treated when she returned to England. A few days after she’d returned, McGranaghan
complained about feeling sick, dizzy and cold. She then suddenly collapsed in front of her
friends. McGranaghan was pronounced dead on arrival
to the emergency room. Doctors later discovered that she’d suffered
a fatal heart attack. The teen was fit and in good health so there
were no apparent natural causes to explain her death. Doctors believed that she’d contracted a
virus from the mosquito bites which attacked her heart muscles. Next up there’s an Indian woman who’s
never worn shoes because of her mosquito-borne condition but first let’s learn more about
these dangerous creatures. Mosquitoes are small winged insects belonging
to Diptera, the order of flies. They have a single pair of wings, a slender
segmented body and three pairs of very thin legs. The infamous buzzing sound that mosquitoes
make is produced by the rapid movement of their wings, which can flap over 600 times
per second. For most species, adult females have a tube-like
mouthpart, called a proboscis. It enables them to pierce through a host’s
skin and feed on its blood. There are few creatures in the animal kingdom
that are exempted from a mosquito’s blood-sucking ways. Its victims include mammals, reptiles, birds,
amphibians and a number of fish and invertebrate species. The actual loss of blood is typically of no
consequence to a human host. An itchy rash will typically form and it’s
caused by a reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. Yet, this creature has earned a reputation
as the planet’s ultimate human killer. This is due to the fact that they’re carriers
for a number of potentially lethal diseases. Before we move on, answer this question. Why do mosquitoes need our blood?
a. To regenerate their tissue
b. To lay eggs
c. For daily sustenance
d. To attract mates
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer! Number 4 Tawheeda Jan
Also known as lymphatic filarial disease, elephantiasis is a parasitic infection caused
by filarial worms which are spread by mosquitoes. It affects the lymphatic system and blocks
the flow of lymph through the body. This causes severe swelling in the arms, breasts,
legs or genitalia. One report from India is particularly terrifying. In 2018, at the time that media attention
was brought to her case, Tawheeda Jan, still in her early 20s, had never worn shoes. Jan’s feet were already swollen as a baby
and they only kept on growing. The severe bullying she’d suffered at school
eventually made her quit her studies. Jan had most of her toes amputated when she
was 14, in an effort to stop her feet from growing. It didn’t work and years of treatment ultimately
proved unsuccessful. At 11 inches long and 7 inches wide her feet
were roughly the size of footballs. Even as heavy snow fell on her remote village
in the Kashmir region, Jan still had to walk barefoot. She told a media outlet that her one dream
was to one day wear shoes like her friends. Before we get to our next listing involving
a viral outbreak in the US, let’s see where mosquitoes are located on the globe. Mosquitoes enjoy a world-wide distribution,
with the exception of Antarctica and a number of islands with polar or subpolar climates,
such as Iceland. In arctic or subarctic regions, such as Alaska
or Canada, mosquitoes may only be active for a few weeks. However, it’s within that time that they
form monstrous swarms that have become the bane of people, caribou, reindeer and other
mammals living in the frozen north. There aren’t many animals to feed on so,
according to one researcher, when they do find one “They are ferocious. They’re relentless. They do not stop.” Climate change has reportedly exacerbated
the Arctic swarm issue in recent years. Number 3 Triple E Deaths in the US
In September 2019, a Triple E outbreak was reported in the United States, particularly
in Michigan and New England. Across the nation, 11 people lost their lives,
as of October 15, 2019. The virus has also been found in goats and
horses. Triple E, or eastern equine encephalitis was
actually first recognized in the US, in 1831. The disease was identified after 75 horses
mysteriously succumbed to viral encephalitis. It’s caused by the Togavirus, which is vectored
through mosquito bites. In humans, Triple E begins with headaches,
fever, chills and vomiting. It can then progress to brain inflammation,
seizures, coma and death. According to the Center for Disease Control
about one in three people who get Triple E die. Coming up next, a mosquito bite leaves a 6-year-old
girl unable to recognize her own parents, but first let’s go over how mosquitoes can
kill you. According to one hair-rising estimation mosquitoes
may be responsible for killing as many as half of all the people who’ve ever lived. Various species act as vectors for viruses
and parasites that cause diseases. Mosquitoes don’t typically exhibit symptoms
as they transmit these organisms from person to person. One example is the Plasmodium parasites carried
by female mosquitoes in the Anopheles genus. They can cause malaria, which claims anywhere
from 500,000 to 1,000,000 lives each year, particularly in Africa and Latin America. Other mosquito-borne diseases include West
Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever or various type of encephalitis. Mosquitoes transmit these diseases to over
700 million people each year, claiming at least 2 million lives. Number 2 Lauren Zehner
In the spring of 2019, 6-year-old Lauren Zehner was bit by a mosquito and soon started to
develop a fever. Her parents took her to the Nationwide Children’s
Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio. The child was diagnosed with a typical UTI
and sent home. That same day, Lauren started exhibiting a
worrisome behavior. She was confused and didn’t know who her
parents were. The child asked for water but threw the glass
away when it was brought to her. She was taken back to the hospital, where
doctors had to sedate her so they could take a blood sample. They discovered that her brain had swollen
and determined she’d developed a rare condition called La Crosse encephalitis. It’s caused by an arbovirus and vectored
by the eastern tree-hole mosquito. Lauren suffered several seizures over the
next few days, as her body tackled the infection. Her life was saved but doctors warned her
parents she might suffer from cognitive setbacks following her ordeal. Before we move on to our next case involving
a British lecturer left paralyzed by a bite, let’s see what measures can be taken against
mosquitoes. People most vulnerable to mosquito bites include
pregnant women, people with type O blood as well as those with high body heat. Each disease contracted through a mosquito
bite requires a specific form of treatment. As it’s usually the case, time is of the
essence in contacting a medical professional. Researchers around the world are constantly
working to improve the medicine and therapies for combating mosquito-borne illnesses. For most people prevention is key and it involves
using nets, repellents and insecticides in areas where diseases are endemic. If you’re travelling to one of these regions,
getting vaccinated properly can mean the difference between life and death. On a larger scale, scientists are looking
at various ways of controlling the mosquito population. This has been done through the release of
predators such as fish, lizards and dragonflies, through parasites such as fungi or through
the introduction of sterile males. However, when it comes to the future of mosquito
containment or eradication, the most promising research involves genetic engineering. So, why do mosquitoes need our blood? Despite a common misconception that it’s
for daily sustenance, the right answer was b, to lay eggs. The females of many mosquito species need
the nutrients from blood metal before they can produce eggs. The blood of humans and other vertebrates
has the necessary iron and protein for this biological process. For daily sustenance, both males and females
typically feed on plant juices and nectar. Number 1 Sophie Williams
In 2015, British university lecturer Sophie Williams and some students went on a trip
to China, in order to research the illegal orchid trade. The woman had just gotten her dream job as
a permanent staff member at Bangor University, one of the top academic institutions in her
native Wales. During the trip to China, Williams was bitten
by a mosquito and started complaining about headaches and nausea. She then fell unconscious near the Laos and
Myanmar border. Doctors determined that she’d contracted
Japanese encephalitis and she was flown to a hospital in Bangkok. Williams spent weeks in a coma, connected
to a life-support machine. She was left paralyzed and dependent on a
ventilator. She was eventually flown back to Wales, where
she’d spend months in an old people’s home, needing round-the-clock care. The disease she’d contracted is caused by
the Japanese encephalitis virus that uses pigs or wild birds as hosts. It can be transmitted to humans via mosquito
bites. In severe cases, inflammation of the brain
may occur and about half the people who recover experience permanent problems. The disease may be prevented through a vaccine
but, once infected, there’s no specific treatment. Thanks for watching! Would you rather be locked in a room with
a swarm of mosquitoes OR jump in a swimming pool filled with leeches? Let us know in the comments section below!

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