Which Are Healthier For You? Almonds or Walnuts? Dr Greger

Nuts are a superfood and powerhouses of nutrition
but which are better almonds or walnuts. Well as you can see almonds have slightly more
protein, magnesium and phosphorus. Almonds are an amazing source of vitamin E whereas
walnuts are quite low. Then walnuts have slightly more manganese and copper than almonds. The
most notable difference between almonds and walnuts are the amount of omega 6 and omega
3 fats they contain. Almonds are extremely high in omega 6 and contain hardly any omega
3 whereas walnuts are a rich source. Just one handful of walnuts will give you 100%
of your ALA omega 3s for the day. Studies have found that walnuts can help with arthritis,
autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory conditions. Walnuts are often ranked the top
nut for having both, more antioxidants, polyphenols, and a higher antioxidant potency than other
nuts. Walnuts can improve memory deficits and learning skills and may also have a beneficial
effect in reducing the risk, delaying the onset, and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s
disease. Studies have also shown that Almonds have been found to improve insulin sensitivity
in adults with pre diabetes. This study found that almonds contain prebiotic properties
that could help improve our digestive health by increasing levels of beneficial gut bacteria,
which in turn also boost our body’s immune system. This study suggested that eating almonds
could even protect against osteoporosis; by inhibiting human osteoclast formation, function,
and gene expression, so this means that regular almond consumption could dramatically reduce
our risk of developing osteoporosis. In his September 2017 Q & A Dr Michael Greger was
asked which he thinks are better almonds or walnuts? So let’s hear what he had to say,
the link to the original video is in the description below…… Nuts like almonds have a “bad
omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio but their consumption seems to reduce cardiovascular
disease. Does this ratio not matter when eating whole foods or should we favour walnuts when
eating nuts? The reason we worry about the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is that we’re worried
about people consuming lots of junk food that contains junky omega 6 rich oils such as cotton
seed oil, sunflower, safflower, corn oil and not enough of these wonderful short chain
omega 3 fatty acids, alpha acid found in walnuts and flax seeds, chia and hemp seeds. All nuts
are good for you having said that some nuts are healthier than others and evidence suggests
that walnuts are maybe the healthiest so that is my nut of choice but they are all good
for us.

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  1. Have you seen Jeff Nelson's (VegSource) recent series on nuts? He critiques the idea that Greger and others push that nuts are a "superfood" by citing the studies that Greger has in his books and showing how they are indusry-funded and weak associative studies that don't take into account things like overall diet. So people who ate nuts in general ate a healthier diet than those who didn't so there's no way to separate out the nuts. Or nuts are made a replacement of some animal food, and so by comparison they are healthier and create benefits, but there's no indication that if you are already eating a WFPB diet, that adding nuts vs. not makes any real difference. Since you quote Greger quite a bit in your videos, I was wondering if you had seen VegSources and if you had a take on them?

  2. I personally prefer Almonds, mostly for the vitamin E, Calcium, B2, Potassium, Zinc, fiber and monounsaturated fat(in opposition to saturated or more omega 6). It is supposed to be a good idea to have a balanced omega 3 to 6 ratio, I actually think walnuts can contribute negatively in that regard.

    Walnuts 35g + Flax seeds 20g = 7.7 grams omega 3 ALA and 14.5g of omega 6 – 1.9x ratio

    Almonds 35g + Flax Seeds 20g = 4.6g omega 3 ALA and 5.5g omega 6 – 1.2x ratio

    Sure, you will get more omega 3, but will it be absorbed and converted as well to EPA and DHA? Doubt it. I think vitamin E is one of the more difficult vitamins to get enough of, if you aren't mindful of consuming almonds/sunflower seeds regularly or have lots of unhealthy oil.

  3. Your channel is wonderful but please – If you are talking about mice studies, say so.
    This is very important as Mouse research can at best imply effects for humans.

  4. Almonds are high in phytic acid! Minerals such as zinc magnesium calcium and iron can be leached out of the body causing a mineral deficiency!

  5. my son eats a lot of walnuts. Here in germany they are (ironically) mostly from California (they grow here too though) …. my son grabbed a handful the other day which my dad saw… and his comment was : „oh yea have some poisonous walnuts“…. he was referring to pesticide use etc… anyone knows how bad californian walnuts are?

  6. Because I value my teeth, I am more apt to reach for walnuts. But when slivered or ground, almonds are great! I think it's smart to make room for both.

  7. False hype about nuts wont end like the email chain that wont die. Nuts can have value for super energetic people that are a little too lean. I have yet to see anyone like that although theoretically they exist. Otherwise, be careful because carrying extra weight on your body causes trouble. If you believe the nonsense about nuts not making you heavier, you are nuts or easily fooled. If you have heart disease, you would be making a big mistake to eat nuts or do anything other than Dr. Esselstyn’s Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease approach. Dr. Gregor simply did not do adequate critical thinking and skepticism on the nut topic. Nuts are a very rich food that can be enjoyable, but should be highly moderated for healthy people that are not overweight. For those with heart disease, no nuts and use one or two tablespoons of ground flax seed per day at most.

  8. I can't handle nuts,,,,I am not a squirrel..raw cjheese and raw miilk gave me strong naiks and hair, Almost forgot, and pasturef eggs. as well.

  9. Both are good, No need for confusion. moderation is mandatory how healthy it might be. eat both moderated stop too much confusion. each what nature gives in its natural form. eat mix of all what nature gives.

  10. Nuts are not a super food due to their inflammatory o6/o3 ratio. Not to mention the roasting process which makes them carcinogens.

  11. To get the maximum benefit, I would suggest:
    Mix walnuts with 1 piece (enough for the day) of cashew nuts (all other nuts have almost no selenium) and almonds, but add flaxseed (to rebalance the omega 6 & omega 3 content and of course to add a fair portion of lignans). As I said before, my suggestion🎯!

  12. I am wondering if black walnuts offer the same benefits as regular walnuts? I’ve heard they are in a different plant family altogether. Any insights?

  13. Why call nuts a "superfood"? They are not. The closest thing to a superfood is greens; it blows all the other plants out of the water. What I've learned is that most pro-nut studies, are funded by nut industry. Don't get me wrong, nuts are great, but they're not AMAZING for you.

  14. Friendly suggestion, don't use petri dish studies or mice studies… The viewer that is well versed in the nature of journal articles knows that you can find any such research to support your claim

  15. I would've thought Dr. Greger would've recommended a trail mix of several nuts. That's still what I'm going to do though.

  16. Plant Based Science London Here a message by Dr.Fuhrman to persons like Jeff Nelson https://youtu.be/0pfNZMcIzHk at 3:07:59

  17. I'm really curious as to where Dr Greger gets his daily recommended intake of vitamin E from. He rules out oils, since they're not whole plant foods and prefers walnuts over almonds, which contain virtually no vitamin E… I also find it hard to get all my vitamin E without going overboard on the fat (>30% of caloric intake, as the WHO recommends)

  18. Thank you for all your videos! They are all very much valued by us vegans and you are our first go to when we want to share nutritional info with friends and family because you give such simple and concise explanations and visuals. So pleased we found you!

  19. I take dark of the darkest chocolate , melt in and add walnuts . Freeze it and then break into piece , for sweet tooth , add raisins with walnuts. Any problem . Please share.

  20. A woman got her memory back by icluding walnuts in her diet. They are really good for ur brain despite the high fat and omega 6 content

  21. Insane, this is from the medical community ?!?!?!? Recommending a high oxalate food to humans? Most of these nutrients are not available for absorption. Just because they CONTAIN these nutrients, like for example calcium, does not mean they are in a form humans can absorb.
    DO NOT eat this until you learn about oxalates and the extremely detrimental effect they can have on your health.

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