Why Candida Is Dangerous If Left Untreated?

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath. I want to talk today about a condition which
many women tend to suffer with. A condition that I’ve been in contact with on many occasions
by women who’d really love to get rid of this condition. And I’m sure many of you looking
at this webpage right now may well be familiar with this condition. It’s called vaginal thrush
or a yeast infection. It’s more common than you think. And a couple
of weeks ago, a lady spoke with me on Skype and said, Eric, I’ve had this for a while
now. Can you tell me what the consequences are if I don’t get rid of my infection? What
could happen to me if I just ignore and treat it with things like Monistat or it keeps on
recurring? And I’m sure that many of you women watching
this will have had recurring vaginal yeast infections and probably think nothing of them
and think, well, it’s just a bit of an irritation down there, a bit of an itch, and it’ll probably
go away of its own accord. In some cases, it will go away on its own
accord, but in many cases it won’t and it’ll be chronic and recurring. So what do you do?
You go back to the doctor and keep taking Monistat, fluconazole. What do you do if you
can’t get rid of this yeast infection? You just keep relying on systematic treatment
hoping one day it will go away forever? Hoping that the pain’s going to go? The embarrassing
odor and itching? It won’t go away. In some cases, it will. In a small percentage of cases,
a vaginal yeast infection will disappear in its own right. But in many cases, it will
not go away and it can be chronic and recurring, and it can last for many, many years. Some
patients I see have had this condition for 10, 15, even 20 years and it just doesn’t
seem to go away. The consequences can be quite severe for a
chronic yeast infection. Think about it. They can be quite severe. Why would you keep on
having a symptom that’s causing you so much discomfort and pain? It could even cost you
your relationship. It’s really worth getting rid of this yeast infection. And for this
reason, I’ve written a whole section in my book, Chapter 5, on how to get rid of these
chronic yeast infections. I’ve helped many women get rid of these problems. And a lot
of the tips in this chapter are priceless and absolutely worth the cost of the book
alone. One of the things that you may get as a consequence
from a chronic yeast infection is endometriosis. It’s a condition I’ve written about at length
in my book. There’s plenty of research. Some people have approached me and said, Eric,
this is not true. You’re speaking a lot of nonsense. Well, you go and do the research
and you’ll find endometriosis is linked with yeast infections in many cases. And endometriosis
can even be linked with infertility. I’m not saying that yeast infections cause infertility,
but what I am saying is many cases of endo have been linked with chronic vaginal yeast
infections. So doesn’t it pay to get more involved in
preventive medicine to get rid of an embarrassing, itchy, smelly problem now or sooner rather
than later or keep living with this chronic, awful problem that’s causing you so much discomfort?
So think about it. If you want a solution, I’ve written extensively in my book, Candida
Crusher, about this solution. Have a listen to one of the audio testimonials of a lady
who got rid of her yeast infection using my method. You’ll find it on this page just down
below. This is a real case. And there are many more of these cases going up. I’ve had phenomenal success with these vaginal
infections. So if you’re serious about beating your infection, you read Chapter 5, and you
put my protocol into place. If it doesn’t work, you let me know. You’ll get a refund
of my book and you’ll certainly get some personal attention from me because I’m convinced that
if you really follow the protocol properly and you really do what it takes to beat this
thing, you’ll finally beat it. And then you’ve gotten rid of that embarrassing situation
that you’ve got down there. And it can make a huge difference to the quality of your life. So take my word for it, do not ignore a chronic
yeast infection because the consequences can be severe as they can with any problem that
you tend to ignore. Thank you.

3 Replies to “Why Candida Is Dangerous If Left Untreated?”

  1. Eric, I whole heartedly agree that a yeast infection is more serious than it might seem at first. However, I am surprised you didn't mention what to me is the most important point, that the annoying and embarrassing vaginal thrush is only a symptom of a much bigger problem that can have debilitating effects on many organs and functions in the body when left to grow over the years. Your book outlines this very clearly and provided a huge wake-up call for me. I left my infection untreated for 40+ years and it will probably take me the rest of my life to fully recover, but once I saw and felt the difference greatly reducing the yeast made in my health, energy, mood and mental clarity I won't ignore the symptoms again.

  2. So what about candida yeast infections in men? You really have to address this because the "jock itch" I thought I had doesn't respond to the various cremes that are OTC. My Physician has been of no help on this issue, saying that the itch "will go away if I use "such or this product, never taking a sample to correctly identify what the problem is. Being a carrier, I could spread this to every woman I have relations with. I want this stopped, too.

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