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Here we go. About to be a Youtube chef. This is… covering up the important part Hey Best Pal-y, I’m Ali, and welcome to Fitness Outrage. My fit tips, health hacks and superhuman strategies This is the first episode. So I’m finally tackling something you’ve all been asking me for quite a while Why do I eat the same meal for breakfast every day? What is Same Breakfast, Why Same Breakfast? How… Same Breakfast? If you’re not familiar with this subject from my past videos or… Social media stuffs, I eat this meal for my first meal of the day, day in and day out This is a habit that I’ve actively cultivated for five years now This is a habit that I love, not something I force myself to do If you are familiar with the subject, Then you’ve probably seen my foodie Instagram called “alisamebreakfast” Where I take the same aerial shot of this meal every time I have it No, I’m not making this up Every time it is a new photo of the same breakfast, for you to look at… and like… and comment on and follow Every time. The same. I’m making this video to explain how sensible my same breakfast habit is. Although I will admit that having an Instagram about it is not sensible It’s actually kind of insane. Almost as insane as the fact that you all follow and support it Like, thank you for making my repeated meal more popular than people that made fun of me in high school But I digress, the first thing I should answer is what is Same Breakfast? It is two chicken breasts with garlic, bell pepper tomato and half a cup of beans Oh, but wait that doesn’t sound like breakfast. That sounds like dinner. Hold on. We’ll get to that I will say sometimes the beans are black beans. Sometimes it’s lentils. Gasp! It’s not the same? Like, whatever, “Close Enough Breakfast”. Should I change the name? Along the same vein, sometimes it’s two peppers because my tomatoes went bad. Or sometimes it’s double the tomatoes because I ran out of peppers. It seems different, but functionally it’s the same because I have an answer There’s a system to what my breakfast is gonna be every time. I start by getting two precooked chicken breasts out of the freezer Just kidding There we go And I microwave them 2 minutes and 30 seconds. What? A microwave? Some of you might be surprised that I use a microwave But you shouldn’t be. This is a very efficient form of cooking and I am a huge fan of efficiency And not huge fan of those people spreading myths about how microwaving makes your food less healthy Although I don’t want to be standing this close to it. By the way, my grocery store knows me and I order this chicken in bulk, and they have it for me, with a discount, right when I need it. It as little friction as possible. I will talk more about this later I make it a point to buy precooked chicken with no additives. Precooked because I’ve never cooked a thing in my life. I’d rather not have the mental pressure of destroying foodborne illnesses myself Plus it cooks faster, and no additives because I’m having so much of it I am NOT a fan of having a super clean diet But because I’m repeatedly putting the exact same thing into my body, if there was anything bad in it It would like, build up easier than if I had a wide variety of crappy things. While my chicken is… warming… I won’t call it cooking I get all of my other ingredients .Pay no attention to all the beer and my apocalypse sized supply of Greek yogurt It’s always a challenge to carry all of the things, and now I got to do it with a camera too Guys.. ok. Well, we’re making internet. I measure out my serving of beans and… oooh Sometimes it’s the rest of one can of beans and then I gotta go get some lentils. What? Two different kinds of fibrous protein in one thing We’re just getting crazy Depending upon if I need to open a new can of beans or not Then I wash my tomatoes and peppers You can buy a special vegetable wash but white vinegar just works the same. So I keep a bottle of that… By my sink And also, I did not do dishes for this video Next I core the pepper, which is an outrageous technique that I developed To get the seeds out, without losing any precious pepper to the garbage See Awesome, and I didn’t have to spend time cutting it or washing a knife. How efficient! Whomever decided that we can’t eat peppers like apples is wasting our time. Whatever, the chickens done I take it out and then put the beans in for 45 seconds of safe nuking While the beans are cooking, I put a little garlic on the chicken Do it while everyone’s watching…ok and Yes, I found garlic that has no additives and again I buy in bulk and then by then the beans are done And Same Breakfast is complete It takes me 3 minutes and 41 seconds… up to 4 minutes and 49 seconds Each day I know what it’s gonna be How much of it I should get at the grocery store. How long it’s gonna take me to make And what exact motions I should go through to make it. Sound restricting? No, it’s freeing! Which leads me to my next question By the way, you’re on the tray that I used to eat Same Breakfast every day at my computer while working Why same breakfast? I’ll answer that in two parts The first will be why I chose these specific foods and the second will be why I love that It’s the same thing every time I chose a composition of stuff that, we’ve already noted looks like dinner, Because I believe it has better macronutrients than what’s traditionally breakfast What? that’s just nutrition-y talk for the fact that I don’t think we should have the traditional sweet fruit and carby oatmeals when we first wake up So if you haven’t eaten in a while, it’s breakfast, like… Presumably you don’t eat in your sleep. When you wake up, your insulin levels are low And the last thing I want to do is then spike them up with carbs, because that makes me like, really tired And then hungry all day So I’ve opted to have a lot of protein and yeah, carbs But it comes with fiber so that doesn’t spike your insulin as well And also bonus with fiber, Same Breakfast makes you crap good So I’ve got protein, fiber, protein and fiber Oh yeah, and garlic helps with inflammation and deliciousness. And now the second part of this answer Why do I love that it’s the same thing every time? Time? Time? Time? This is all about efficiency, reducing friction, and taking away any unnecessary decision-making brain power. I don’t need to be wasting thoughts and energy and what my morning meal is gonna be I use it for much more important stuff like, what cat video I want to watch while I eat it I know it sounds crazy that I would consider choosing a breakfast as a use of my energy But it truly is. Our brain power, energy and self-control all come from just one bucket Across the board, whether its energy to get emails written Or motivate yourself to go to the gym Or decide what to have when you wake up Or have the self-control to avoid the sugar cereal that’s sitting in your house. I don’t… have this option to illustrate All of those things are coming from just one energy bucket and when you run out You make bad decisions and start doing unhealthy things and stop being good at life. I completely remove the breakfast decision So it takes a zero energy to stay on track and be outrageous Now do you see why it’s freeing? Plus a bonus of knowing all the motions to go through to make same breakfast frees my mind up To be creative while I’m cooking [cough] warming Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I actually do vocal warm-ups a lot of times while I’m making Same Breakfast and this is called habit anchoring which deserves its own video So, subscribe and ring the bell because you don’t want to miss the new Fitness Outrageous episodes coming soon Well now you’re probably wondering.. Why are all your cupboards open? Actually, I’ve already made a video about that No, you’re probably wondering “Why not Same Dinner?”. Yeah. I’m so glad you asked. Oh hey, it’s night now and switched to no pants instead of no shirt Actually, I pretty much have the same handful of things every day for dinner It’s not the exact same dinner But it’s the same handful of things rotated in out and, yeah not cooked, just warmed Seem to have boiled my soup… Master Chef The most freeing thing I learned when I consulted with a nutritionist years ago is that Our fixation on variety isn’t that necessary A person will have like, the same dozen plus things most of the time and that’s ok. Variety is the… difficult of life As long as you’re getting whole, nutritious foods your body’s gonna get what it needs And I’m not saying that I stick to all the same meals all the time. I’m not trying to be restricted. I only set limitations that free me Freeing limitations. Like I’m happy I can get variety when I happen to go to eat. Same Brunch anyone? Yeah, I don’t do Same Breakfast when I travel. Although flying with a microwave carry-on doesn’t seem outside the realm of something outrageous I’d do. So I’m telling you about my variety of a handful of same dinners because this could be something you would consider for yourself I understand that not everyone is cut out to have the exact same meal every day. I’m a very special kind of weirdo Seriously, I don’t get sick of this. I look forward to it every day. I understand that’s not exactly normal. It’s outrageous So if you want to try out this concept for yourself and keep your energy and motivation And decision bucket full then try coming up with four or five meals that you can rely on every day Something that works for you that will keep you efficient and friction-free. And experiment with the different types of food Maybe you do work better with bananas and granola in the morning I know that my Same Breakfast prescription isn’t right for everyone, but there is something that will work for you so find it. Before I settled on this I would have soy burgers in place of the protein and that made me feel like crap Ah I love you so much more chicken. So try your own Same Breakfast until you don’t feel like crap, you feel outrageous Thank you so much for watching the first episode of Fitness Outrageous I’m stoked to take this fitness and health journey with you so get on board because I’m posting a new episode every Monday And subscribe and ring the bell for notifications if you want to get better at life with me And here we are with the best part of any food show. Watching the satisfying eating Mmmm Oh yeah, that’s so efficient and you know, it doesn’t taste any different uncut. And bonus superhuman strategy. Check this out I put cayenne pepper on my beans. Why? Well the answer is in an upcoming Fitness Outrageous episode of what this does for your body. So, uh, You should probably subscribe so you can find out. This is also the perfect time to ring the bell Become a notification Pal-y Because I will see you in a week After I’ve had six more of these

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  1. For years I've wanted to do something like that, same food for each meal. You know what your grocery bill will be, you know what you're going to have and how long it takes to fix it, and yeah … you don't have to think about it. But … I'm a person that gets bored real easy, so it doesn't seem to work for me. Neither does living with someone else who eats everything in the house leaving you to scramble for whatever you can find.

  2. LMAO "become a notification Pal-Y'' I have to tell you, the way you say that so casually is so funny i nearly had a heart attack.

  3. I've tried your exact same breakfast for the last three days and I have to say it's pretty darn good. The real Revelation for me are the beans and pepper – beans and bell peppers for breakfast are amazing!

  4. I love this video. I absolutely adore you. Very interesting notion same breakfast and the energy bucket! I like it!

  5. Same breakfast every day? Seems logical.
    Eating peppers like apples? I always do that.
    Garlic in the morning? HELL NO!

  6. I totally get it!!! I have a vegetarian variant of your same breakfast 😂 I usually have one of the same 3 things on rotation for breakfast, it’s or a salad with poached egg, an avocado toast with fried egg or a berry/tofu/flax seed smoothie – it works perfectly! Good macros, minimal thinking and minimal cooking, if any. It’s great! I couldn’t do the exact same thing, but by having only a few options does help steer me in the right direction

  7. I’m so different because when I see peppers, chickens, beans, tomatoes, I was just thinking why didn’t she just cut all of it up in pieces and cook it to be a healthy chipotle bowl

  8. I know this is an old video but could you possibly come up with a same breakfast for someone who can’t eat raw food?

  9. Good for you. But that's super boring. I eat healthy but have no desire to eat the same stuff over and over. If it works for you great!

  10. Am I the only one who got worried while watching that you wouldn't take your pic for your same breakfast IG page?! Rediculous! 🤣

  11. I have same breakfast….1/2 cup of oats, 1 tbs. of chia seeds, 1/2 container vanilla soy yogurt, 1/4 cup fruit mixture of frozen blueberries, pineapple, berry mix, 1/4 cup nuts nuked in a Ball jar. You are absolutely correct.

  12. I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch too and it's totally because I don't want to waste energy or time thinking up new things to eat! (Plus money, who can afford a whole bunch of something when you're only gonna use it once?) Though the breakfast is oatmeal and fruit (I've already failed you! T.T) but my lunch is basically the same salad every day that I make at home. I use bag salads though so it's more time effect and then I add stuff like tomato, bell pepper, (hey! I'm back on track!) avo, and lunch meat. I told some friends of mine I do this and they thought I was weird so it's nice to know someone else does this too!

  13. I enjoy cooking and eating different food, so that I don't get bored. I like big breakfast, enough to keep me going into the afternoon, so that if I don't have a chance to eat, it's The end of the world.

  14. Ali, those chicken breasts cooked with garlic, salt, black pepper, with bell peppers, in olive oil, on a skillet will allow it to caramelize and taste much better, IMO. You can pretty much use all this ingredients and make a one medium skillet meal.

  15. Also the lighting/treatment/software/light difference when you filmed in what looked like a lime green and white striped circus tent, made you blue eyes look like you had the power of the spice. Don't tell us you're also a Bene Gesserit too!

  16. My stomach can't handle food like oatmeal and carbohydrate food in the morning, I'm never hungry at 7 am, but I do crave chicken (protein). I want t try this but I'll put cayenne pepper on my chicken because that's an amazing way to eat chicken.

  17. My breakfast is 30oz of coffee with low carb protein powder. Either that or I don't eat until lunch or even sometimes just a midday protein snack and then wait until dinner.

  18. I love your music videos, came here from Pomplamoose, but this is… Let's say I wouldn't want to do this for a week, let alone years. I don't like eating the same thing two days in a row, I want variety in my diet. And I love cooking my own food. But this is just me. But the last point – bell peppers and beans are fine, but pre-cooked chicken in the microwave? And that looks like chicken breast, aka the blandest meat on the planet (even counting the fake soy meat). I eat chicken breast all the time, but that stuff needs spices and/or sauces, or at least some browning. But you know, you do you! 🙂

  19. Love the video but OMG the cupboards are ALL open… Drives me crazy (my bf does the same thing)… Also as I was writing this she mentioned the cupboards hahaha

  20. YAS! So much yes. I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day and whatever my gf or her bf make for dinner and people don’t get it, but you said why/how/what better than I ever do. Though…now I might try out beans instead of quick oats…thanks!

  21. I just expended a lot of mental energy debating chucky versus creamy peanut butter. I ran out of chunky, so had to use creamy. To my surprise I really enjoyed it! then I began thinking about how it probably had to do with the 12 grain toast I was eating it on, versus plain white bread. Anyway, pleasantly surprised to find creamy PB is all right in my book! 😉 Love your channel

  22. You could have variety/variation using the same ingredients and amounts. You have the makings of a chili, soup, or a chilled type salad like a ceviche with just an added squeeze of lime. Shake it up woman…maybe for dinner. Get to choppin'. Which would you say is your stronger aversion, cooking or dishes?

  23. Totally agree about the usual breakfasts being awful. They all make me tired, or spiked with energy then tired. That looks like a great breakfast. Couldn't do it every day though. I'd rather spend a couple of minutes choosing from a small range of ready to go options. The small amount of thought required would be worth it for the mental wellbeing gained by not feeling like my life is a factory production line. Kinda jealous of people who can do that stuff without existential crises though! It's certainly efficient.

  24. Ali Spagnola I have celiac I am going to try this. Especially if I work at a place that is all about gluten. Yes. I know, I can’t have anything from work.

  25. Yah, it's good for everybody, but I also wanted to put out there that a high protein and fiber-rich routine breakfast is great both nutritionally and supports all-day functionality (function-ali-ty? ba-da-da-dum) for the morning ADHD brain specifically. No precious energy spent on breakfast decision-making is more functionality later – which leads to mindful, healthy decisions all day. #adhd #howtoadhd

  26. I think my comment disappeared? Check out Sated.. it's a low carb soylent.. Also, checkout https://www.completefoods.co/ which has tools for making Do-It-Yourself soylent.. to hit your macros exactly.

  27. Variety of grub is near and dear to my heart. I get your point but this “hack” ain’t for me. Do u vary bean type at least?

  28. I was intent on (unknowingly) pointing out that this would serve as a vitamin deficiency down the line but seeing as you don't have scurvy, I checked google first before making this comment. Turns out, you're actually getting the B's from the beans and C's from the paprika. This is so interesting. And makes me wonder whether I could do the same thing after quitting sugar. I did that once, and after a week I didn't want sugar anymore. Then Christmas came and I had to … dip in and I haven't done that since. Nowadays, I eat about 300 grams of sugar a day*. That's *220 pounds a year and thus about a ton (2.200 pounds) in a decade*. So understandably, I am a fat fuck but interestingly, after stepping on a scale like yours, my skeleton is 12 pounds, my fat is 32% or about 100 pounds, the rest is muscle and innards weighing at 220 pounds – *@ 6'6".
    I've had troubles with weight all my life and my current diet is obv. not helping. Quitting sugar and flour-based foods was a problem until this exact video because I've been making the excuse that because I can't cook for shit, I can't do the sugar removal challenge again and keep to it.
    Thank you for this amazing tutorial on how to possibly stop being a lazy fat cunt like me, much appreciated.

  29. I started doing this after watching this video. Except my food is different. I usually eat 1 English muffin spread with a teaspoon of mayonnaise, 1 egg, and a glass of water. About an hour to an hour and a half later I will have a mug full of frozen raspberries or frozen peas because I love both of them. It’s so cheap, as well, the eggs cost $3.50 for 12, English muffins are $2 for 6, and the frozen raspberries are $4 for 500g. I have 1 day off, and that’s because my partner and go on a little date before we go grocery shopping. It’s SO nice to take up and know what I’m going to eat, especially as someone who has had food & mental health problems for almost half their life.

  30. This makes perfect sense & the reason most Americans are so obese is because we've been eating the same crappy kinds of breakfasts since the pharma medical industrial complex made up the 1st criminally flawed food pyramid in the 1970's. Now we're in the habit of eating the wrong stuff for a first meal of the day. And we wonder why we're fat, lethargic, and always hungry while we're stuffing our faces with THE WRONG STUFF!

  31. It's the difference between seeing eating as a social event (as most people do)as opposed to a fueling event (as you do).

  32. Interesting, garlic helps with inflammation, but you are eating 2 members of the nightshade family that cause inflammation.

  33. I absolutely love your energy! Being weird is awesome btw. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that has the same thing every morning. Although I also tend to have the same thing for dinner everyday also. I'm that kind of weirdo too lol

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