Why Is My Stool Yellow And With Mucous?

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amazing stuff coming up. All for free. Right. My stool is yellow and mucusy. What the hell’s going on? Not my stool, of course. It’s not yellow, but someone out there asked
this question. They want to know why their stool is yellow
for and mucusy. Well, whenever I hear this from a patient,
first thing they say is, did you get it checked out? Have you had a stool test done? Why would you not get a stool test done? It’s a crazy idea. If your car is making a hell of a noise, and
it’s blowing out yellow mucous out the tail pipe, wouldn’t you let the mechanic check
the engine out properly? Most likely you would. You probably wouldn’t really be pulling the
crankshaft out in the lounge room and doing it yourself. You’re probably going to get the mechanic
to give you a good assessment. Then you’re going to sit down and go, “Okay,
what’s it going to cost me?” Right? All right. We all don’t like when the mechanic says,
“Are you sitting down?” So what causes yellow mucous? I’m thinking parasites. I’m thinking liver problem. I’m thinking gall bladder problem. Something’s not right. Mucous means often irritation, inflammation. It could well be some type of parasite in
the colon. In the large intestine. You may have a problem with a dysfunctional
liver and gall bladder. By doing a comprehensive stool test, you’ll
see all the microbiology. All the bacteria, fungi, parasites. You’ll see all the inflammation parameters. The [inaudible] parameters. The immune parameters. Everything will be laid out. It’s all there. All you need to do is get a comprehensive
stool test done by your doctor, your functional doctor, your naturopathic doctor, or your
eco-culture doctor or whoever you go to. He or she can often authorize this test. Then you’re going to find out what’s wrong
with the inside of your body. So yellow mucusy stool, it may be inflammatory
bowel disease. It could be irritable bowel syndrome. There’s a lot of guesswork going on here. But careful questioning of the patient will
list some very, very useful information. It can lead the doctor down the path, along
with testing, of hitting the nail right on the head the first time. So make sure if you and see someone about
it that you have a really good think about what you did, what kind of medicines you took,
what stresses you were under, the more of a picture you can build out for your doctor
the more likely he or she can get it right on first time instead of the 10th time. But some people I see in my clinic, they’ve
been to 10, 20, 30 doctors and no one’s hitting no nails on heads anywhere. Everyone’s guessing. That’s probably why they call it medical practice. Because they practice all the time don’t they? So get tested. Get checked out properly. Then you’ll know. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for the question.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all of this we are really grateful my husband and I want to start the candida crush program for undigested stool and sometimes explosive stool all sorts of bowel changes how long do we need to take this and which once’s should we buy?

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