Why Natural Treatment For Parasites Like Blastocystis Is Important

This is Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thank you for coming back. I just completed a video talking a bout natural
treatment for candida or gut issues. This is now a video talking about the importance
of natural treatment for blastocystis and parasites. Most people I have worked with over the years
with parasites, particularly conditions involving dientamoeba fragilis or blastocystis hominis
or parasites of that nature, most of these people tend to improve to a very significant
level of health without pharmaceutical intervention. There’ll always be that one odd person that
we can’t really do much for. I’ve got the odd patient here or there. I’ve got a patient, I believe in Norway, at
the moment who’s undergoing a special pharmaceutical treatment for parasites. This will be no doubt through the center for
digestive diseases likely in Sidney, Australia. Those are exceptions, not the rule. With this particular case I’ve worked on now
for some time and every route is failing when it comes to just about any natural treatment
that we’re using on this particular gentleman. It’s very rare. Most cases we get a significant improvement
with parasites using natural treatment. There are a couple of things I’d like to explain
in this video that you may not really be aware of. When it comes to organisms like blastocystis
I’ve learned it’s no point going after blasto initially. The most important thing you can do is asses
the gut and then try and really work on taking out various bacteria and yeast initially. I always find that blasto’s foothold weakens
over time. Instead of when we do repeated stool tests
we don’t tend to see blasto then in the future in all three samples we sent in to see it
in one sample. Eventually it loses steam and it goes down
and it’s gone. That could take six months, it could take
one year, but it’s the natural way. The pharmaceutical way fails in many cases. Over as many studies on blastocystis that
say 90% plus successful using ABC drug but in my clinical experience that’s a load of
bull. Because so many people I know have had blasto
have had pharmaceutical treatment and the stool test results come back still showing
blasto in a large amount of cases. I don’t know where they’re getting this 90%
from because I’m seeing it more like 9% from where I’m sitting. I just don’t see this really in my clinic. People with parasites and blasto need to make
changes on various levels. I’ve talked enough about lifestyle changes
on this channel. Often they could well involve an occupation
change or a lifestyle change or a residential change. A relationship change. Some change needs to occur. A diet change needs to occur. Then a natural treatment plan needs to be
put in there that’s appropriate for that patient depending on their level of yeasts, bacteria,
and parasites in general. There are no cookie cutter protocols in my
clinic. There are no paint by number systems that
people get put on all exactly the same things. We’re living in the real world. Everybody is unique and different. Everybody needs a slightly different take
on their treatment to get the most effectiveness. When you put a pharmaceutical approach and
a natural approach side by side the natural approach always wins hands down every single
time. Apart from those very rare cases that we get
where we’ve exhausted all options for the patient, and then we need to bring out drugs
to really make a difference. In that care there is going to be a fallout
for the patient and a side effect but we can clean it up over time. I’m not anti pharmaceutical medicine. I’m anti over prescribing and using it as
first port of call. I’m not really happy for that scenario. I believe the best approach is the natural
approach. It’s the safest. Then if that fails then we could look at a
semi natural pharmaceutical approach. If that fails we could look at a pharmaceutical
approach. But in many cases the pharmaceutical approach
will fail to deliver the goods even in those cases so the patient will eventually again
resort back to a natural approach. That’s just my experience based on decades
working with people with parasites. I hope that gives you a bit of an insight
into why I believe a natural approach for parasites is the best. Less chance of side effects. Less chance of severe sickness for the person. More ability to maintain and retain some microbiome
then that we can build a good base on naturally. Because if we keep giving drugs constantly
to patients course after course we undermine their health and destroy it to such a big
degree that it could take decades for that patient to recover their health again. Just saying from experience. Thanks for tuning in.

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