Why Should You Get My Candida Crusher Program?

Good day, Eric Bakker here, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher. Just wanted to do a quick video today regarding
why my program would be good for you to get if you’ve got a chronic yeast infection. What
sets my program apart from the rest? Why is it different? What are some of the things
that you need to take into account when you get all these other eBooks on yeast infections?
There’s millions of them online. How do you know I’m not selling you a bunch of bologna
like a lot of these books are? Well, I’ve studied yeast infections now for
25 years. These are some of my books on yeast infections up here. I’ve got about 2,000 books
on natural health in my room, a lot of diet books, and probably about 100 books on Candida.
I think I’ve referenced about 50 or 60 in my Candida Crusher book. I’ve got about 15
eBooks on yeast infections. I find most of the books keep rehashing the
same information. Most of the books, if not all of the eBooks, are written by people who’ve
actually had a yeast infection but never actually treated patients in a clinical setting with
a yeast infection. They weren’t clinicians. They weren’t doctors. They were basically
just people who lived at home, got sick, treated their yeast infection, and then became instant
experts in this whole area. The difference with Candida Crusher and all
these other eBooks is, for example, I’ve treated over 15,000 people with yeast infections spanning
a 25-year period. That’s quite a long time and that’s quite a lot of people. I’ve built
up a reasonably good amount of clinical skills over these years. How do you know this book’s going to be any
good for you? Are you going to get cured using this book? Well, I don’t like using the “cured”
word, but I would put it to you, what are you going to do with the information in my
book, more likely. Because I find there are three types of patients that I tend to see
in my clinic. Patient number one is going to look at the
information I presented them, have a good think about it, and make the changes that
are necessary to get on top of their yeast infection. They’re going to make the right
lifestyle changes and dietary changes. They’re going to take dietary supplements regularly.
They’re going to come back regularly to my clinic for follow up. They’re going to ask
me questions. We’re going to be able to track and measure and test their results to see
if they’re on track and maybe gently nudge them back on track again. And these are the
patients that recover from a yeast infection. These make up about 60 percent of the people
I see. My reputation’s built on results. Results are the main things that get me work. I don’t
really market. I write and research and I treat patients. And if I get good results,
I’m going to get patients. If I get crap results, I’m not going to get patients. And I’ve got
plenty of patients, so I must be getting reasonable results. The second group of people are people that
we also see quite frequently. That would make up about 25, maybe 30 percent of people we
see in a clinical setting. These are people who come in. They sometimes don’t make the
follow up visit. They will listen to your advice, but they seem to be always too busy
to eat the right kind of foods or do any exercise. They’re always on their computer. They’re
always out partying or doing things. Health is sort of a priority for them, but not really
as much a priority as it is for the first category. They do take supplements, but they
forget to take them here or there. And they’re always in a hurry. They’re busy people. You think they get results. Well, they do.
Some of them do. Some of them don’t. Some of them become category one patients and some
of them drop out never to return. I guess it’s because their symptoms weren’t bad enough
really for them to really want to commit to making the change necessary to get the results. The third category, unfortunately, are people
that seen me once and we don’t see them again. These are people who are after the quick fixes.
These are the people who fall for scams like the 12-hour yeast cure. These are people who
want to have their cake and eat it, too. They want to keep on drinking booze. They want
to keep on eating chocolate bars. They want to keep on having all those sugary cereals.
They don’t take their health seriously. And as Dr. Wilson used to say to me, if you don’t
take your health seriously, just take it somewhere else. Just go and see another doctor. We call these patients doctor hoppers. They
hop from one doctor to another. They complain about all the doctors that can’t cure them,
but they don’t want to make any damn changes themselves to get well. Those aren’t the patients
I want. I say to a patient when they come in, “Are you going to be one, two or three?”
It’s as simple as that. Why is my book different? Why should you buy
this book? What makes Candida Crusher a cut above a lot of that other stuff out there
online? There are a couple of points here I’ve got
on my screen I’m going to read out to you. And this is what sets my book apart from all
those other yeast infection books. A comprehensive, fully clickable, 23-page
table of contents in the front, so it’s an eBook. You can click to anywhere in the book. More than 25 comprehensive case studies. A whole chapter devoted to quick solutions
called the Quick Start Guide, that’s Chapter 4. A three-stage, fast relief program for men
and women. A whole chapter devoted to vaginal yeast infections. This is worth the price
of the book alone. The most effective vaginal yeast infection
treatment yet developed. It’s a two-stage protocol that just nails yeast infections
time and again. Hundreds of answers to frequently asked questions. Sections that rebuke most of the myths about
yeast infections. How to get the correct diagnosis. An extensive chapter on the many and varied
signs and symptoms of your yeast infection. An in-depth information about medical testing
of yeast infections. The most comprehensive information ever seen
on Candida functional medicine testing in any book. You’ll also find my comprehensive at-home
test for yeast infections, which is entirely unique information. You’ll find my symptom tracker, how you can
track your symptoms at home and the severity of them, whether you’re improving or getting
worse. I’ve also got a home test tracker, so you can actually do these home tests and
track them over a 16-week period to see which way you’re going. There’s a proven three-stage diet and there’s
100 pages on Candida diet and nutrition alone. I think it’s close to 200 pages on diet and
nutrition in Chapter 7. The link between Candida, your immune system
and stress; there’s about 50 pages on this information. There’s Candida detoxification and cleansing.
There’s 31 pages on detox. I think there’s about five pages on heavy metal cleansing. Special Candida foods and the best dietary
supplements to take. There’s 70 pages on this. The best lifestyle information. I’ve got 70
pages on how to have the right lifestyle if you’ve got a chronic yeast infection. There’s tons of information on herbal treatments,
the correct washes, cleanses, it just goes on and on and one, 718 pages. If you’ve got a chronic yeast infection, this
is the bible to get. Forget a lot of these other junky books I was telling you about
because as I was saying, they’re written by people who’ve never seen a patient. They’ve
grabbed information from the internet; whereas, this information comes from my clinic after
treating thousands of patients, and that’s what makes the difference. And if you’re not happy, you get all your
money back. What do you got to lose? I don’t think you’ll want a refund on this book. Because
once you read this book and you use the information, you’re going to nail that yeast infection.
And that’s why I wrote this book. I wrote this book and the by-line is called the permanent
yeast solution, for that reason. Because I want you to permanently eradicate that yeast
infection once and for all. And that’s worth $47. It sure is. A visit to a gynecologist for a female is
going to be $500. And what is she going to get out of that? A bunch of creams and then
maybe another visit. If you want to beat this infection permanently
and you’re serious about wanting to get rid of it and you’re a category one patient who’s
going to do what it takes, then this book’s going to give you the result you’re looking
for. Thanks for your time.

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  1. I have candida and psoriasis. Which book should i buy first? I can only afford one book and not sure when i can get the other. The Candida Crusher or the Psoriasis Program? I already know not to eat nightshade vegetables too….and watched the youtubes on psoriasis and found your websites.

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