Why Your Body’s pH is The Secret to Your Vitality?

Hey FitLifers, Drew Canole, I’m here with
Christa Orekio in today’s short video, video number two in the sequence we’re actually
going to show you why your body’s pH is the secret to your vitality? And also the secret
to preventing cancer. I have never tested my pH, so how do we do it? We’re going to
do it today, but first what is pH right? It stands for potential hydrogen and is basically
a measure of how acid or how alkaline we are, our biochemistry is. Our blood pH it never
ever shifts, if it shifted out of this range, we would die, so that is not an option, so
what we do is we test the pH of people’s urine and saliva, to think how hard does your body
working just to keep you alive? So the ranges are 4.5-7 and a half? That’s basically the
full range, but your blood pH is 7.25-7.45. So you want to stay within that narrow window
when you’re checking your pH that’s then you know that your body doesn’t work so hard to
maintain blood pH, because if it does it’s going to leech more from the bones and donate
it to the blood or the cause of osteoporosis right there. So the best way to boost up your
pH is if you’re a little acidic, is actually my favorite thing to do and you love doing
this too, juicing! And then juicing, absolutely! So greens, lots of greens to boost up your
alkalinity in your body. And all those ginger-turmeric recipes that you have are some of the most
alkaline forming things that you can absolutely do to start your day with.. Yeah, like the
turmeric elixir, right? Yeah, I love that. Cool. So let’s do the test, how do we do it?
Where do we get it? Okay, so you have to go to the health food store, and you have to
get this pH strips and you can find them in any health food store in the supplement section
and then what you do for six days same as the Candida test, is as soon as you wake up
in the morning, you’re going to put a strip in your mouth and you’re going to test your
pH you keep it in your mouth for about three seconds and then let’s pull it out and then
there’s a range here and you want to match it, Drew.. fluorescently alkaline, okay? He
walks his talk. So the other things that you guys want to do is you want to check your
first and second morning urine, and the first morning urine starts at 5 am, and you wake
up, and you pee on a strip, you go back to sleep then the second morning urine is the
second time, so that’s, the urine is more accurate than saliva but it will just give
you that marker and then you look at your results for over six days and that will give
you the idea of where you are and where you need to go and how you need to shift your
diet in life. Perfect! So your homework FitLifer, for this video, because I committed to this,
and we need you to commit to this as well, we really are in this together, is to go out
and get this strips, you can order on Amazon as well, I’m going to leave a link to you,
you can click on that, and do this for six days, right? Six days consecutively urine
and saliva. Follow the protocol, we listed the protocol out on the blog below and do
this for six days and then video number three is coming up, we’re actually going to teach
you how to build up your hydrochloric acid in your stomach so that you can digest the
food, right? Yes, more energy, more energy, more mental clarity. Yep, a lot of people
have Vitamin B12 deficiency, it’s not because they’re not getting enough of it, it’s because
their hydrochloric acid isn’t strong enough to break down the food that they are getting
right? Absolutely. Most common deficiency here is B12. So, we’re attacking everything
here. How do you feel? You feel good? Yeah, I love talking about this stuff. I can tell,
you’re like glowing right now. It’s awesome, pH is the most powerful tool that you have
and you guys can test the balance of your pH a few times a year as you’re only main
is to keep yourselves healthy in the years to come. Well, I’m going to be balancing my
pH. Thank you so much for coming on today’s show, Christa Orekio, you guys, big round
of applause for her, give her a big thumbs up, share it, like it, love it, do your thing.
Drew Canole, Christa Orekio, remember we’re in this together, we’ll see you soon.

41 Replies to “Why Your Body’s pH is The Secret to Your Vitality?”

  1. I just found out the acid in my stomach could be low due to my blood type. Is there anything to blood type & diet?

  2. Hi Drew. I left your email with Kelli again. Hope things work out. She has been a busy bee latley. Great things in the works. Good luck.

  3. Hi Drew
    Just wanted to thank you. I have been watching your videos for about 2 weeks now. Easing into juicing for one week. And I feel AMAZING!!! My energy level is through the roof. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Hi Drew
    Just wanted to thank you. I have been watching your videos for about 2 weeks now. Easing into juicing for one week. And I feel AMAZING!!! My energy level is through the roof. THANK YOU!!!!

  5. This video is so bogus. "Your blood pH does not change." 100% true. Why? Because the excess things get put out into your urine. Acidic urine and alkaline urine mean that your body is doing its job, maintaining the pH. When it DOESN'T, you won't be thinking about juicing to prevent osteoporosis. You will be heading to the hospital because of other actual serious medical conditions. Your diet is important, but it simply is not going to cause osteoporosis due to acidosis. It will be from a lack of proper nutrients or a pathological condition with your parathyroid glands.

  6. I love your videos drew. They keep me motivated and I'm always learning something new. Thanks for the videos keep em coming.

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  8. I've been juicing HIGH PH for over two years. It is a wonderful gift from God. When I tell people and they can't listen I've stopped worrying about them and just have to imagine their karma is not going to allow them to feel complete health and love. .

  9. I have never tested the acid in my urine before but I know in my blood that I have high uric acid & it is 8 or 10.


  11. Doctor's don't tell you how important this is! I just completed a study and was told my pH was high and makes wonder because a problem I was having, have had since a teenager and knew nothing about pH. Makes me wonder if our bodies can't make own pH? Just wondering and will ask Chris and get back to you! I thank Chris Beat Cancer for these videos!

  12. So, is it dangerous if pH gets too high Chris? I tried to email you from mail you sent me, but it came back to me and need to know this!

  13. why is youtube suggest this bullshit to me? you are disgusting liers and everyone who takes this crap seriously is going to suffer
    just read something about homeostatis

  14. Why is urine more accurate ?
    So let's say I test my urine and saliva directly one after the other, and I get different results ..
    the urine is the more accurate one ?

  15. OK, I'm confused . My morning urine test shows a ph of 5.5 – 5.75, but during the day it's around 7 – 7.25 .
    That means overall my body is acidic right ?!

  16. he is all gaa gaa 🔥looking👀@ her. sooo sweet. "your glowing right now." 😘💋💋😘is he trying to get somewhere? LOL. very cute couple.

  17. he is all gaa gaa 🔥looking👀@ her. sooo sweet. "your glowing right now." 😘💋💋😘is he trying to get somewhere? LOL. very cute couple.

  18. I just drink coconut water and whole milk daily to cancel all the acidic food for the day. No need to test, it's easy mode with those two drinks.

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