Why Your SIBO Treatment Didn’t Work

It’s super frustrating when your hard effort
at treating SIBO didn’t work. In today’s video, I’m going to talk about
why your SIBO treatment may not have worked and what you can do about it. I’m Amanda Malachesky, Certified Functional
Health Coach and Digestive Allergy Detective. If you could use some help understanding why
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sure to hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Monday. Have you tried to treat SIBO and been let
down by the results? In today’s video, I’m going to talk about
some of the reasons why your SIBO treatment may not have worked and how you may need to
adjust some of your thinking and approach to get where you’d like to go. So maybe you’ve tried some of the antibiotic
or herbal treatment protocols for SIBO, and you just haven’t seen the results that you’re
hoping for. The first thing I need to say about SIBO is
that you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking by just protocol shopping. But if they keep not working, there’s a reason
they’re not working, and your job is to actually figure out why your body isn’t responding. What are we missing? What are we skipping? What are we glossing over that’s making it
not work? So to really fully resolve SIBO is often a
six to 12 month or even longer process, especially if you are struggling with methane-based SIBO. There are several aspects to treating SIBO
that are really important, and they all need to be met. And these include not only the antimicrobial
agents, which can be either antibiotics or herbs. So the first suggestion that I really want
to make sure people follow is to recommit to their therapeutic diet that is really helping
their SIBO. For most people with SIBO, this is either
a low FODMAP or an STE diet. And if you need more information about the
low FODMAP diet, I have a video and I’ll put the link below for you. The next tip I want to suggest is to investigate
other gut infections. Particularly if you are struggling with H-Pylori,
with parasites or worms, it’s going to be really difficult for your digestive system
to heal if you aren’t addressing those infections first. So you might want to consider getting a stool
test, and if you want to learn a little bit more about that, you can check out my earlier
video called Stool Testing for IBS and SIBO. The second thing you can really do to support
your SIBO is to make sure that you are including motility support. So this can include prescription medications,
things like low-dose naltrexone or other medications that your MD or functional medicine doctor
may be able to prescribe for you, but it can also include herbal supports. There’s one called MotilPro that I’ve used
by pure encapsulations, and that is primarily ginger. Ginger is a prokinetic. You can also just include a lot of fresh ginger
in your cooking in the kitchen. So additional motility supports that you might
be able to make use of include getting abdominal massage either from a massage therapist or
physical therapist in your area. And this can help break up scar tissue that
may be holding your intestines tight and not allowing them to digest well or help things
move through. You can also work on vagus nerve stimulation
and healing, and like I said, I mentioned that in an earlier video called Digestive
Tips for IBS and SIBO. Have you had a SIBO recurrence? Let me know in the comments yes or no and
how many times you’ve done a SIBO treatment protocol. And you can also increase the period of fasting
between your meals and certainly overnight. So for example, this might look like eating
your dinner a little on the early side, around five or six o’clock, and not eating anything
all the way until the next morning. I want you to make sure that you’re getting
consistent and regular physical activity or exercise, even if this is just a basic daily
walk or a little gentle stretching. It’s worth checking out a yoga class that
focuses on supporting digestion or focusing on yoga poses, like twisting in particular
can really help mobilize what’s happening in the gut. A few additional things to consider if you
keep treating and not seeing results is your stress. How’s your stress level? What’s going on with that and what could you
do to address it? The next thing you can really make sure to
give attention to are the basic, basic digestive supports. And just to summarize them really quickly
here, you have your basic stomach acid support, enzyme support, probiotics. But there are other aspects to that, and I
encourage you to check out my video, Digestive Tips for IBS and SIBO because there’s nine
of them in there that I go into in a little bit more detail. And one last option for people who are repeatedly
treating their SIBO and not seeing results is to try using what’s called an elemental
diet. An elemental diet is like a liquid meal replacer
that replaces all of your nutrients with elements, essentially, that are broken down to their
smallest level. So you’re body doesn’t have to work to do
the digestive process very hard. This basically gives your digestive system
a pretty significant rest, and it allows it to do its normal healing process. So there are several elemental diet products
on the market. You may need a healthcare practitioner to
access them. There’s also some resources about homemade
varieties, although they typically don’t taste very good. Like I said, there’s one by Integrative Therapeutic
that doesn’t even taste so bad, and you can talk to me about that if you want to hear
more about that. And there’s also a new one by Dr. Ruscio. You can find that probably over on his website,
which is DrRuscio, R-U-S-C-I-O.com. So check that out if you have been repeatedly
trying to treat your SIBO and you’re not getting anywhere. Now that we’ve talked about why your SIBO
treatment may not have worked, I’d like to hear from you, so tell me about your SIBO
in the comments below if you’d like. If you’re out of options and you feel like
you need help from someone to investigate and troubleshoot your SIBO recurrence, I’d
like to invite you to meet with me over the phone to help you determine how I can help
you sort out your most supportive diet or underlying causes. You can schedule a free assessment session
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