Will Candida Cleanse Help With Food Intolerances?

Hi, there. Eric Becker. Thank you for coming back. A question I often get asked: “Are my food
intolerances related to candida? I’ve got a candida problem,” or, “I’ve got
a bacterial problem,” or, “I’ve got a parasite problem, and I’ve got food intolerances. I’m sick of these food intolerances. How do I get rid of them? Are the food intolerances linked with maybe
something I’ve got in my digestive health?” Well, you’re darn right there. And by doing a proper candida cleanse, by
following the candida crusher principles, your food intolerances should very well disappear. Now, why am I saying this? Am I lying to you? Am I deceiving you? I’m not. I’m telling you something I’ve experienced
with thousands of people. Your digestive health will improve with a
good cleanse. When you get the bacterial balance correct,
when the marker bio pans out, when the good bacteria come up, when the candida levels
go down, and it’s suppressed by lactobacillus, especially, when the bifidobacteria become
very strong and crowd out many bacteria in the colon, okay, when the mucus, the brush
border membrane especially improves in the small bowel, you’ll find that many foods that
you previously couldn’t tolerate, you’ll be able to eat again. Now, the crazy thing is, this can happen in
14 days with some people, especially if they’ve got very poor upper digestive health. The people that I find can reverse food intolerances
the fastest are the people with the stomach and the pancreatic dysfunction, that had those
problems for a long time and they’re pinning their intolerance. Now, these problems with the upper GI occurred
through antibiotic use, through stress, through crappy diets, through rapidly changing diets. I’ve seen so many people now who swapped from
meat-eater to vegan, from vegan to meat-eater, you know, from this eater to that eater to
all these different types of eaters. They’re basically just chop and change all
the time. I’ve seen people do crazy diet changes on
a dime. They’re eating like, you know, steaks twice
a day, and then two weeks later they’re eating, you know, quinoa patties. I’m not joking, people. I’ve seen people do weird things like this. So, the point I’m making is don’t make crazy,
weird, strange diet changes on a dime. Don’t do things very quickly. The body doesn’t like that. Do things rather slowly. Take your time with the diet change. Don’t rush. It takes time for the bacteria in your gut
to change according to what you’re eating. It takes time for your digestive organs to
develop an ability to break down foods that they previously haven’t had. If you run your car on gasoline, okay, which
I take it you do, you wouldn’t be running it on any milk or stuff like that, you’d be
running on gasoline, why would you run it on a high-grade octane gasoline, and then
a week later put diesel in the gas tank? And then two weeks later put kerosene in the
gas tank, and then a month later put maybe, I don’t know, some type of a nail polish remover
in the gas tank. This is what people do to their stomach all
the time. They put crazy things in there, and they change
too fast. So don’t do it. It creates problems. This is how people develop food intolerances. Also, indiscriminate antibiotic use. I had a patient, only a week ago, six months
on antibiotics for a tooth that was suspect, that the dentist said. Six months. Destroyed his gut entirely. Massive food intolerances. Don’t take antibiotics. I’ll say it again. Don’t take antibiotics, people. Only take them in extreme circumstances. I’m gonna do a video after this talking about
the dire warnings now on antibiotic resistance. But I can tell you, folks, 50% of my time
in the last 30 plus years in the clinic has been devoted exactly to that, repairing people’s
wrecked gut from antibiotics. These are a big part of many people’s downfall,
when it comes to their digestive health. So, when we talk about food intolerances,
my first question to you is, have you taken antibiotics preceding the food intolerances. If you have, it wouldn’t surprise me because
your story would be the same as thousands of others I’ve heard. So, candida cleanse helps with food intolerance,
particularly by cleaning the gut, by helping to eradicate the gut of unwanted pathogens. Like I say, these are bugs that are there,
either by default, or they’ve come in because the gut is weak. And they create this huge imbalance. Try and see your gut as a really big railway
station with tens of thousands of people walking around and commuting, you know, in that particular
area. Now, in most railways stations, everything
works perfectly fine. But then every now and then something bad
happens, doesn’t it? We get a bad guy in there. We get a guy doing bad stuff. You know, pushing people in front of trains
or, I mean, all these dumb things that people do. Terrorist attacks. You know what I mean? All sorts of stuff. And the same happens in the gut. We’re gonna get the occasional bad guy in
there, pushing people around, doing bad things. These things need to be taken out. We’ve spoken enough about stool testing. Stool testing is a great way to assess the
gut to determine what your load is, and where the attention needs to go to. This is a very good step in the direction
for solving food intolerances. It’s find out what kind of problem is wrong
with the gut. By correcting that problem, you’ll generally
find that food intolerance will go away. Now, I don’t care whether it’s a gluten intolerance,
whether it’s a milk intolerance, or what other intolerance it’s got, if you’ve got intolerances
that are wrapping up and getting worse by the week, or by the month, or by the year,
you definitely need that stool test to work out what’s going wrong with the gut, right? When you correct the problem, the food intolerance
goes away. I do not believe for one moment that you are
the kind of person that will need to stay on X, Y, Z food, you’ll have to stay away
from that food for the rest of your life. I’ve never believed in that. And I’ve always proven the point with many
people that they could go back to things that they really like to eat but, you know, they
couldn’t. And also, remember, I’m not a big fan of telling
everybody that gluten is a poison, ’cause I really don’t believe it is. For some people, it is. I’ve got no doubt. For celiacs and maybe for Hashimoto’s patients,
autoimmune people … For certain people, gluten is definitely not a good food. But you can’t tell me that everyone on this
world, you know, has to avoid gluten ’cause it’s radioactive. I don’t buy that for one minute. And it’s the same with many other foods that
we’re told to avoid, all right? And you won’t find that kind of talk on this
channel, this extreme kind of talk: “You must avoid this food!” I don’t work like that with people. I prefer to sit back and watch people eat,
correct their gut function, and then watch how their gut tolerates the foods they previously
couldn’t. And you know what? In many cases, they can go back to those foods,
and possibly you can too. So, to summarize, will a candida cleanse help
with food intolerances? Absolutely. And it can help you too. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. What I did was take a lot of probiotics like 300 billion cfu daily for a couple of days then scale down gradually work better than anything and I took activated charcoal for dieoff

  2. I'm on the candida diet for almost 3 months, tanking Canxida Remove, probiotics and enzymes twice a day. My penile symptons reduced 95%, my skin itchness reduced 80%, my prostate pain reduced 60%, but I still see just little improvement on my digestive system which has improved only around 20%, I still have lots of gas. I don't know if there is something wrong with the diet, I haven't drunk alcohol for this period neither eaten sugar, however when I eat certain foods I get much gas, like oats, bananas, pop corn, etc. I don't why I can't recover my gut, is it the small amount of rice and potatos I eat everyday? I don't feel as I react with potatoes and rices…Thank you

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