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  1. One things I would like to point out about supplements is how the person is taking them. Is it in pill form, liquid form or powder form? Pill form is the east effective in actually getting the vitamins into your body

  2. Your body can't regulate vitamin d suppliments; toxicity is highly likely. Get vitamin d as nature intended – the Sun

  3. It may save 1 life for every 150 people taking vit. D for 5 years ? Then it's totally useless !
    Imagine the contrary hypothesis -> for every 150 people smoking for 5 years, one may die: do you think people would stop smoking ?

  4. One must take k2 with D3 & if you dont or if it is imbalanced then you will harden your arteries or weaken your heart. One opinion on the ratio of k2/d3 to be 1/10. Also you have to take magnesium & calcium (1/1) if you are going to take d3/k2. He must adress all these issue or one can do damage.

  5. I expose myself to UV light every day for about 5-10 minutes if I don't get any sunlight to get my vitamine D.

  6. Been taking it since i went vegan 2 years ago, and I'm still alive. So yes, I confirm 馃榾
    By the way you already told us how much to take in another video, it is 2000 IU a day (I take less, since the vegan d3 is a lot of money).

  7. oh my Greger, another cliff hanger!

    What about Vit D injections – I hear that you could have one once a year and D levels will stay tip top.

  8. Dr. McDougall does not approve the ingest of V D supplements.
    I get that not everyone can go outside, and had the sun ejaculate all over the body. I don't remember why Dr mcdougall didn't like it. If someone knows, please post it. I'm going to investigate it as well.

  9. @***** , very helpful but more interesting than anything'!, but I have a question for you?, with that new cure out, with the use of raw milk, the NDA or something, for curing Cancer?, what's your take on it Doctor Sir'!!, just something short if you could please'!…

  10. yes you will …get it through sun and then supplementation ….the whiny doctor could be right on this

  11. I was advised to take 4000IUs per day… I exercise in the sun for one hour 5-6 days a week as well…looking forward to your next video.

  12. But Dr. Greger…If several hundred people have to take vitamin D for X years to save one life, how many lives will be lost if each of your hundreds of thousands of viewers (a million?) have to wait ANOTHER 3 DAYS (Fri-Mon) to find out the optimal vitamin D dose?

    Dr. G…stop killing us! 馃槈

  13. So, I have 2 boys with Crohns Disease. One takes his D regularly and has good D levels though he is less active, obese, and eats poorly. He has aches and pains and gets sick more often and he also takes meds daily for Crohns. My other son is low in vitamin D for years, is extremely active, lean and a vegan and feeling great. Always forgets to take his D supplements. My vegan son was off of his infusions for 5 months hoping to not go back on however upon colonoscopy dr found inflammation and lesions in his stomach and gut and told us to get him back on the infusions. Is it just that he did not have enough time to heal being a vegan for a year?
    Also, there are vegan Vitamin Ds available your video stated the successful studies were with non- vegan D. Which do you recommend?
    Thank you.

  14. Wait, humans are suppose to be outside in the sun? Except for certain appeal to nature fallacies, doing natural things (like going outside, eating whole foods, sleeping enough, and moving your body) tend to be the healthiest things that we can do!

  15. Another cliff hanger! You mean I have to stand here holding my vitamin D bottle all day.. Oh man, I can't wait to find out the answer.

  16. Rhonda patrick recommends between 2000 and 4000 it's a day and since I work nights I tend to aim for 4000ius.

  17. Most of supplements won't work, because it will take great science in getting the right active ingredients to put in a pill.. but good to say not all of them, and I know 3 supplement company that puts the best science and tested by 3rd party sources.

  18. I would be careful taking D supplement. I get anxiety and palpitations every time I took it, even in fortified foods like almond milk. As long as I stay away from it I'm great. Google D supplements and anxiety and you see others complain about this too. Dr. McDougall and I think it's poison, get in the sun instead.

  19. Enough plant based docs have said that vitamin D is a supplement that they don鈥檛 have the amount of data yet that they want, to say for sure that it is a supplement to take regularly. I get it from the sun as much as possible. I agree with Dr.Greger that taking vitamins and supplements can give one license to eat whatever they want, thinking that they are protected by pills. I don鈥檛 like the idea of concentrated isolated hormones like 鈥渧itamin鈥 D in my body. Just not convinced yet on vitamin D efficacy. What good is a long life if there are not life to those years?

  20. Wow the mortality study is very underwhelming… Well there goes my 3 day vitamin d hype. My peronal conclusion: Going outside is healthy. I am always disappointed when the only scientifically proven things is stuff that my grandmother knew: Eat your fruits and veggies and go outside.

  21. I was very happy to hear this because I've been taking 2000 iu's of vitamin D3 daily for the last 15 years.

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