Your First Look At The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 10! | RHONJ | Bravo

– These women would
hold a bloody knife, stab you in the back, and
say they didn’t do it. I don’t trust anybody. If you keep poking at a
bear, eventually the bear is going [BLEEP] eat you alive. Oh my god! This season on “The Real
Housewives of New Jersey.” We’re so excited. We’re all staying together,
it’s going to be fun. To just relax. I like peaceful. I don’t know that
you’re getting peaceful. [YELLING] Oh yeah, that’s a
[BLEEP] right there. When you’re sister’s not
acting like a crazy bitch we get along. I love it! We’re doing
Queens for the day. Who thinks he’s
banging Delores? Yeah, right? How would you
guys feel if mommy and daddy have one more baby? What? You barely can handle all of us. [YELLING] Fend for yourselves
you little savages. He’s so hot. My baby’s all grown up. I’m a mother. That’s my job, and I
take it very seriously. Jennifer is trying
to cause problems. The only achievement
you’ve ever had is marrying someone rich. Fred Flintstone called. He wants his outfit back. She literally makes the
Jersey girl and me come out. Yo, yo, hello, what? Don’t you ever– She’s a walking
yeast infection. Margaret’s the reason
we went through a divorce. Marty, I’m not letting
you go back to her. That bitch needs to
be put [BLEEP] mute. Home [BLEEP] wrecker. Don’t be digging for gold. Fix your [BLEEP] self. You’re a good inspiration
to kids who are heavy. Dad, I almost died. Look at you now. It’s almost worth it. Eating disorders
are really hard. That’s why when
people say I don’t eat it kills me because
I came so far. I’m getting deported, and
that’s all there is to it. He’s getting it shipped
out of the damn country. I don’t know if I’m
ready to let him go. [BLEEP] our family. All right, like I even
wanted to get married. No.
– See what I get? That’s your personal business
with my father, so enough. Teresa is cocktailing it up
all night with some young guy. They say I was cheating. That’s [BLEEP] up. That’s [BLEEP] up. Teresa, she’s out of control. It’s embarrassing. I’m an embarrassment. Embarrassment. [GLASS BREAKING]
[SCREAMING] Did you ever [BLEEP]
watch “The Godfather?” We’re not the [BLEEP] mafia. Jesus Christ. The mistake is that I have not
had your back enough because as far as I’m concerned I have. Sometimes that happens in
life, the best of friends become the worst enemies. My god! Watch your back, bitch. You guys have a good time? Oh, yeah. I had a wonderful time.

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  1. I only wanna watch when teresa kids are on,, I'm glad Joe expresses hate for fake teresa 😡. Can't stand her and fake melissa…… Bring back Caroline Wakiles Lauritas !

  2. If you like this
    You should also be watching Dallas
    Fun, light shady and enthralling
    Rhobh was the worst this year
    My fav are Potomac and Dallas

  3. Team Teresa Danielle and Jennifer let's go all these shows are the same back biting and 40 and 50 year olds acting like they are 12 smh But drama sells

  4. These RH shows are really starting to get way out of hand. I know Andy wants the ratings but where do they draw the line? It seems like these ladies would have more self respect than to say and do the things they do on national television. It just encourages and condones bad behavior. What are they teaching their children? They are supposed to be role models for their children. It’s saddening to see how as a nation we applaud bad behavior. I used to love this franchise but too me it’s making women look horrible now.

  5. I cannot wait to watch this season. So far as I am concerned Joe cheated on Thereasa in the past! So she is allowed to do what she wants.

  6. Margaret poured that drink on daniel like it was a water fall lmfao and daniel snatched that hair like if she thought it was a wig lmfaooooo ooooooooooo i cant wait

  7. NY NJ & ATL!!
    9-0-2-1-yawn should take some notes from our east coast ladies!
    Or else next season we’ll be watching Dorit’s 3rd dog wearing bedazzled barrettes for excitement 👩🏼‍🦱🐩

  8. This trailer didn’t do anything for me now that RHOA trailer got me all excited for the new season. I’m going to tune in though

  9. Well theresa can rest assured…..cuz she looks the best!!!!! Some of those others others …geezus what a mess

  10. I love how they’re all crying over joe Giudice Buy was Teresa crying when she was spending the millions they stole? Or when they were stuffing their mattresses with stolen money? Give me a break

  11. You know what I find really disturbing is how the young kids talk back to the parents with such disrespect. Things like that is what is ruining the fabric of America. Family values and respect are left only to those that have true family values. These kids have been brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth and expect the parents to keep feeding them while they disrespect them back. It's what I call cringy!

  12. My only favorite housewives. It looks like it's going to be crazy. 💥 Now that Sammi Sweetheart is engaged and hails from New Jersey, maybe she should join the cast. 💅🏾👄💟

  13. Stanky D has to go. They keep giving that bipolar mess a platform. That wedding was her meal ticket last season. That’s enough. Get her off the show once and for all.

  14. Now their getting physical again?! Not good to old for that shit and what are u teaching the younger generation? Ugh

  15. I dont agree w teresas decision to let joe go alone at all ( her definition of family evidently is ALOT different than mine is) but i think most chix wood go the route shes going. Imagine being in her shoes. Finally tasting freedom for the 1st time in decades altho forced.. shes gotta be a head case rite now! Shell come around but for now smh shes a mess. She truly needs to stay T.F AWAY FROM THAT PILE OF SHIT staub smdh shes gonna end up in trouble if not.
    That ladys father obviously has no clue about eating disorders😖🤯 smh he really needs to educate emself bfor sayin shit like what just fell out his mouth smfh.
    Melissa Gorga need not have another baby…she.just opened her new store! Uht go balls to the wall for the 1st 5 years straight if uwt see ur business succeed when ur just startn. Shes not gonna be available enuf for a new baby.
    New season looks fun!

  16. Ohhhh but all the while TRUTH comes out of NJ with their husbands and life, while Bravo protects boring Beverly Hills and all the nefarious activities that go on off camera with their husbands- the lawsuits, the seized bank accounts, the robberies, the lies. Why hide one shady franchise and focus on puppygate for 2019? Jeeeesshhhhh like we are all so stupid…

  17. Thank you New Jersey!!!! You are finally bringing back the show we all fell in love with when the series premiered. This is what we are here for. You should just cancel Beverly Hills and New York. I'm gonna give Atlanta one last chance. I will stop watching OC if Vicki leaves.

  18. See these men do what they want say what they want. While they don't appreciate what you done all those years. Teresa you do you keep your head up. Just don't tell kids anything cause they always will side with dad even if he is in the wrong. Sorry for the family heart ache. Good luck.

  19. Bunch of trashy entitled women…smh….they all need to learn manners and class because their money hasn’t helped one bit…

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