Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce | HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS | Episode 9

nut butter in my mouth all day long it’s ok to lick things, now I’m sticky hi everybody my name is Alexandra Napoli this is a health coach TV the show to watch if you want to learn to love yourself as you slide into your skinny jeans. today I’m cooking which is what I do a lot of here so get excited yay! what I am cooking with today is two zucchini’s two bell peppers a couple of carrots an onion and one very spicy pepper whose named i don’t know but i’ve tasted and know that it’s hot as the fire the hell. what I’m going to cook is a spiralized noodle with a spicy peanut sauce it’s like thai food but without the 45-minute wait and indigestion afterwards. you’re welcome. the first thing I need to do is spiralize my zucchinis which involves cutting off the top because my spiralizer is kind of small I have to cut them in half if your machine is cooler than mine nice for you, oh god it’s still too tall this is so easy. let’s just use my hand why is this so difficult I think I’m spiralizing, potentially maybe maybe not this is supposed to be easy and fun ok here we go here we go here we go here we go now ahhh exelent very thin noodles now I’m gonna take these and put them on paper towel which I don’t currently own so I’m going to put them on a clean dish cloth what I’m trying to do is get some of the moisture out of the zucchini it’s very wet okay well that was one-half of one zucchini let’s keep going sometimes cooking is also a workout so much fun. do they sell machines that do this? that are like motorized it’s ridiculous weakling the infomercials they lie you’ll have delicious spiralized vegetables in no time flat yeah once your shoulders get all jacked up working up an appetite working up an appetite ok I’m done whatever that was fun ok got all my zucchini laid out here and i’m going to take another towel and put it on top and then spread it out we’re just trying to get some of the moisture out of here. spiralizing done now let’s get all the other stuff going I’m going to start with an onion take off the bottom take off the top take off the skin cut it in half and then I’m just going to do really thin slices kind of missed there a little bit Wow this isn’t going very well don’t do what i do i know this is instructional but don’t don’t follow my lead on most of these thing if your knife skills are better than mine go with those yeah yeah that’s why that’s why you go with your knife skills not mine I’ll be okay okay well I’ve got a wok just great big wha kinda heavy alright so my wok is on medium-high i’m gonna add some coconut oil that much. I’m gonna use some garlic as well that thing’s pretty hot already so i’m going to add the onions now the thing about a wok is that you want the food kind of moving around it all the time and also probably turn down the heat a little bit the garlic is a finical part of my sauce. I actually read somewhere that you should never put anything in the wok until everything is cut up and I’m definitely breaking that rule right now you want to cook like real chefs do cut everything up first and then put in your wok or be like me and just wing it garlic crusher all my tiny little pieces of garlic not very many it’s probably equals like one clove which makes me very sad I’m gonna put it all in so take the core out of your bell pepper and then just really thinly slice them into the pan cut up your other pepper Ihave a lot of clients tell me that when they get home from work they’re starving and when they’re cooking dinner they’re just snacking on everything I don’t really think that a horrible thing especially when you’re cooking with fresh wholesome ingredients you’re snacking on things like bell peppers and carrots green pepper gonna let that cook down for a couple minutes do I care about the carrots I don’t care about the carrots cut the carrots from the recipe carrots are out if you wanted to spiralize them and and deal with that madness again by all means go for. it’s sauce time let’s just go for it this is rainforest nut butter its cashews and Brazil nuts use whatever nut butter you have peanut butter is obviously the classic Thai 2 tablespoons of that I love nut butter gluten-free soy sauce tamari. why am I measuring I don’t know you know some soy sauce. toasted sesame oil crushed red pepper flakes a little bit of apple cider vinegar organic coconut milk that much so just mix up your sauce one more ingredients fresh ginger and I just take my microplane and my ginger my spoon so dangerous stay and grate my ginger my spicy little pepper I’m sure the seeds are super hot I’m going to take that out and then I’m just going to really thinly sliced up if you know the name of this pepper please leave it in the comments below also not going to touch it even like a little bit with my fingers I’m a wuss always get hot pepper eye. onto the knife into the stirfty i’m going to add my whole sauce into the stir-fry and the bowl too mix it up and bring it up to like a boil well that gets really hot I’m gonna go back to my zucchini noodle they have let out so much water but i think there’s still some more we can get it’s soaking wet okay get it all towards the middle get outta here water so now we have our much drier zucchini this looks really good right right I’m gonna add my zucchini that came out really fast and then just toss it around a little bit it’s pretty good nom nom nom nom it kind of looks cheesy okay if i could stop eating it for a second i’m gonna add the black sesame seeds you can add peanuts on top you could add cashews on top or chopped onion like green onion check this out we have our spicy zucchini noodles in a peanut sauce which is actually super delicious amazing woo there a little kick in there too yum if you enjoyed cooking with me today make sure to subscribe and give me a thumbs up if you want to find me off od health coach TV all the links are below facebook Instagram snapchat all that jazz that’s about it really thanks for joining me tonight I hope this episode of health coach TV has helped you transform your life from the inside out huh if it wasn’t a thousand degrees i would just be shoveling shoveling

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  1. Hey this was fun to watch i enjoyed it :] only thing id say is maybe invest in some new gear but i think its still fine as is. i have a channel as well btw if youd check it out and maybe subscribe if you liked it that would mean a lot to me! keep up the good work :]

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